LM3900 National Semiconductor Quad Amplifier Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for National Semiconductor LM3900 Quad Amplifier [20 pages 1995 pdf/zip]

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The series consists of four independent, dual input, internally compensated amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate off of a single power supply voltage and to provide a large output voltage swing. These amplifiers make use of a current mirror to achieve the non-inverting input function. Application areas include: ac amplifiers, RC active filters, low frequency triangle, squarewave and pulse waveform generation circuits, tachometers and low speed, high voltage digital logic gates.

– Wide single supply voltage
– Supply current drain independent of supply voltage
– Low input biasing current 30 nA
– High open-loop gain 70 dB
– Wide bandwidth 2.5 MHz (unity gain)
– Large output voltage swing
– Internally frequency compensated for unity gain
– Output short-circuit protection

– Schematic and Connection Diagrams
– LM3900 pinout
– Absolute Maximum Ratings
– Electrical Characteristics
– Application Hints
– Typical Performance Characteristics
– Typical Applications
– Split-Supply Applications
– Physical Dimensions

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