LM2596 TI 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for Texas Instruments LM2596 Simple Switcher(R) Power Converter 150-kHz 3-A Step-Down Voltage Regulator [49 pages SNVS124F 2021 pdf/zip]

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TI LM2596 Simple Switcher(R) Power Converter 150-kHz 3-A Step-Down Voltage Regulator

The LM2596 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 3-A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and an adjustable output version.
Requiring a minimum number of external components, these regulators are simple to use and include internal frequency compensation, and a fixedfrequency oscillator.
The LM2596 series operates at a switching frequency of 150 kHz, thus allowing smaller sized filter components than what would be required with lower frequency switching regulators.

1 Features.
2 Applications.
3 Description.
4 Revision History.
5 Description (continued).
6 Pin Configuration and Functions.
7 Specifications.
7.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings. Maximum supply voltage.
7.2 ESD Ratings.
7.3 Operating Conditions.
7.4 Thermal Information.
7.5 Electrical Characteristics – 3.3-V Version.
7.6 Electrical Characteristics – 5-V Version.
7.7 Electrical Characteristics – 12-V Version.
7.8 Electrical Characteristics – Adjustable Voltage Version.
7.9 Electrical Characteristics – All Output Voltage Versions.
7.10 Typical Characteristics.
8 Detailed Description.
8.1 Overview.
8.2 Functional Block Diagram.
8.3 Feature Description.
8.4 Device Functional Modes.
9 Application and Implementation.
9.1 Application Information.
9.2 Typical Applications.
10 Power Supply Recommendations.
11 Layout.
11.1 Layout Guidelines.
11.2 Layout Examples.
11.3 Thermal Considerations.
12 Device and Documentation Support.
12.1 Device Support.
12.2 Receiving Notification of Documentation Updates.
12.3 Support Resources.
12.4 Trademarks.
12.5 Electrostatic Discharge Caution.
12.6 Glossary.
13 Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information.

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