Jackery Honda HLS290 Portable Power Station User Manual

Download User Manual for Jackery Honda HLS290 Portable Power Station [8 pages HTE032290A 2018 pdf/zip]

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Honda by Jackery 290, the licensed lithium-ion portable power station features 292 Watt-hour energy storage.
Jackery has been chosen by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. to develop a best-in-class consumer offering of outdoor portable power stations, with a focus on eco-friendly lithium-ion portable power for those on the move.
The HLS290 power station by Jackery provides safe, quiet, mobile power to go places wherever your adventure takes you. Now you can charge up activity electronics such as drones, cameras, smartphones, and a host of other recreational equipment.
It is solar-ready and designed for an active outdoor lifestyle. Plus, it also serves as a reliable power source in case of an emergency.
This portable charger features an AC port, two USB ports, a 12V input, and port to connect an optional solar panel for more sustainable charging options. This lithium battery pack offers absolute versatility for outdoor lifestyles.
Designed for ultimate portability, the convenient carrying handle makes transporting this battery pack easy. At only 9″ long and weighing just 6.6 lbs, this portable power station will be your favorite adventure accessory.

Please read this manual carefully before using the product, particularly the relevant precautions to ensure proper use.
Keep this manual in an accessible place for frequent reference.

– Specifications.
– What’s in the Box?
– Power. LCD Screen Switch.
– LCD Screen. Power Level Percentage. Power of Input and Output. Low and High Temperature Alarm. DC input. Charging. Recharging.
– Safety Instructions.
– Warranty

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