Instant Zest 20-cup Rice and Grain Cooker User Manual

Download User Manual for Instant Zest 20-cup Rice and Grain Cooker [23 pages 2019 pdf/zip]

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Instant(TM) Zest(TM) 20-cup Rice and Grain Cooker User Manual
Item #: 140-5001-01
UPC #: 857561008699

The Instant(TM) Zest(TM) is sleek, versatile, and convenient, and with an extra-large capacity, it’s the perfect kitchen companion for parties, potlucks and more. Create healthy steamed meals and sides for the whole gang with just one button.

Read All Instructions, Safeguards, and Warnings Before Operating Appliance. Failure to Follow These Safeguards and Instructions May Result in Injury and/or Property Damage.
Read this manual carefully and completely, and retain for future reference.

– Important Safeguards
– Polarized Plug
– Product Specifications
– Initial Setup
– Product, Parts and Accessories
– Control Panel
– Smart Program Settings: Standy Mode, Cancel, −/+ Buttons, Smart Programs, Adjust and Save Cooking Time, Adjust and Save Cooking Temperature, Keep Warm, Delay Start, Resent Individual Smart Program, Reset all Smart Programs.
– Status Messages
– Smart Programs: Steam, Saute, Keep Warm
– Smart Programs and Cooking Ratios
– Initial Test Run
– Care and Cleaning
– Troubleshooting: Display remains blank after connecting the power cord. Difficulty opening the lid. Rice or grain is chewy, too hard, or undercooked. Rice or grain is too soft, or overcooked. Error code appears on display, cooker beeps and lights flash continuously.
– Warranty