Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-quart Pressure Cooker V3 User Manual

Download User Manual for Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-quart (5.7 Liter) Multi-Use Pressure Cooker V3 [32 pages 603-0301-03 2020 pdf/zip]



Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-quart (5.7 Liter) Multi-Use Pressure Cooker V3
Item #: 112-0156-01
UPC #: 853084004477

As a member of the bestselling Duo(TM) family, the Instant Pot(R) Duo(TM) Plus is simple-to-use, versatile and convenient. Taking the place of 9 separate cooking appliances, including pressure cooker, slow cooker and sous vide, it has 15 Smart Programs to help you get started quickly and easily. With a redesigned control panel, you see cooking status at-a-glance, and easily control every step.

Read this manual carefully and completely and retain for future reference.

– Important Safeguards. Special cord set instructions. Product specifications.
– Product, parts and accessories. Top of lid. Bottom of lid. Inner pot. Multicooker base.
– Get started. Initial set up. Initial test run (water test).
– Pressure cooking 101. Pre-heating. Cooking. Releasing pressure.
– Releasing pressure. Venting methods: Natural Release (NR or NPR); Quick Release (QR or QPR); Timed Natural Release.
– Control panel: Smart Programs, Time display, Pressure, Temperature, Temp / Pressure buttons, – / + Time buttons, Keep Warm, Delay Start, Cancel, Start.
– Status messages
– Pressure control features: Pressure cooking lid (Removing the lid/Closing the lid). Quick release switch. Steam release valve. Sealing ring. Anti-block shield. Float valve.
– Pressure cooking. Smart program breakdown.
– Other cooking styles: Slow Cook. Saute. Yogurt. Sous Vide.
– Care, cleaning and storage: Parts / Cleaning methods and instruction
– Removing and installing parts: Removing and installing the silicone sealing ring. Removing and installing the steam release valve. Removing and installing the anti-block shield. Removing and installing the float valve and silicone cap. Removing and installing the Condensation collector.