Insignia 350 sq.ft 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner NS-AC08PWH1 User Guide

Download User Guide for Best Buy Insignia NS-AC08PWH1 Portable Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU cooling capacity ideal for 300-350 sq.ft (28 to 32.5 sq.m) (EN|ES) 31 pages V2 ENGLISH ESPANOL 22-0810 2022 pdf/zip



Insignia Portable Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU cooling capacity ideal for 300-350 sq.ft. (28 to 32.5 sq.m)
Model: NS-AC08PWH1

Cool up to 350 sq. ft. with this Insignia portable air conditioner. The 8000 BTU of cooling power helps keep your room at a comfortable temperature, while the three modes provide flexible functionality. This white Insignia portable air conditioner has a built-in sleep mode for energy savings, and the included remote control ensures easy operation.

Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.

USER GUIDE in English (EN) and Spanish (ES) languages.


– Package contents
– Front
– Back
– Control panel
– Ambient temperature range
– Remote control
– Remote control display

Before installing your air conditioner:
– Finding a suitable location
– Providing the correct power source

Installing your air conditioner:
– Tools you need (not included)
– Window installation kit
– STEP 1: Connect the exhaust hose to your air conditioner
– STEP 2: Assembling the adjustable window slides
– STEP 3: Preparing the window frame and sash
– STEP 4: Connecting the assembled exhaust hose to the window

Using your air conditioner:
– Turning your air conditioner on or off
– Selecting the operating mode
– Setting the operating temperature
– Setting the temperature format
– Adjusting the fan speed
– Controlling the vent
– Setting the timers
– Using the Sleep feature
– Setting the shortcut
– Turning the control panel display on or off
– Using the Follow Me feature
– Using the dehumidifier feature

Maintaining your air conditioner:
– Safety guidelines
– Cleaning the exterior
– Cleaning the air filter
– Emptying the drain tray
– Storing your air conditioner

– My air conditioner doesn’t turn off when I press the power button or ON/OFF button
– My air conditioner doesn’t cool well
– My air conditioner is noisy and vibrates
– My air conditioner makes a gurgling sound

Error codes (Error Code | Description):
E1 | Room temperature sensor error.
E2 | Evaporator temperature sensor error.
E3 | Condenser temperature sensor error.
E4 | Display panel communication error.
EC | Refrigerant leakage detection malfunction.
P1 | Bottom tray is full. Connect the drain hose and drain the collected water away.


Legal notices


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