Insignia 300 sq.ft 7000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner NS-AC07PWH1 User Guide

Download User Guide for Best Buy Insignia NS-AC07PWH1 Portable Air Conditioner 7,000 BTU cooling capacity ideal for 250-300 sq.ft (23 to 28 sq.m) (EN|ES) 31 pages V2 ENGLISH ESPANOL 22-0810 2022 pdf/zip



Insignia Portable Air Conditioner 7,000 BTU cooling capacity ideal for 250-300 sq.ft. (23 to 28 sq.m)
Model: NS-AC07PWH1

Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.

USER GUIDE in English (EN) and Spanish (ES) languages.


– Package contents
– Front
– Back
– Control panel
– Ambient temperature range
– Remote control
– Remote control display

Before installing your air conditioner:
– Finding a suitable location
– Providing the correct power source

Installing your air conditioner:
– Tools you need (not included)
– Window installation kit
– STEP 1: Connect the exhaust hose to your air conditioner
– STEP 2: Assembling the adjustable window slides
– STEP 3: Preparing the window frame and sash
– STEP 4: Connecting the assembled exhaust hose to the window

Using your air conditioner:
– Turning your air conditioner on or off
– Selecting the operating mode
– Setting the operating temperature
– Setting the temperature format
– Adjusting the fan speed
– Controlling the vent
– Setting the timers
– Using the Sleep feature
– Setting the shortcut
– Turning the control panel display on or off
– Using the Follow Me feature
– Using the dehumidifier feature

Maintaining your air conditioner:
– Safety guidelines
– Cleaning the exterior
– Cleaning the air filter
– Emptying the drain tray
– Storing your air conditioner

– My air conditioner doesn’t turn off when I press the power button or ON/OFF button
– My air conditioner doesn’t cool well
– My air conditioner is noisy and vibrates
– My air conditioner makes a gurgling sound

Error codes (Error Code | Description):
E1 | Room temperature sensor error.
E2 | Evaporator temperature sensor error.
E3 | Condenser temperature sensor error.
E4 | Display panel communication error.
EC | Refrigerant leakage detection malfunction.
P1 | Bottom tray is full. Connect the drain hose and drain the collected water away.


Legal notices


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