Insignia 1.7L Temperature Control Electric Kettle NS-EKB17SS0 Quick Setup Guide

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This PDF user guide is for the Insignia NS-EKB17SS0 1.7 L Temperature Control Electric Kettle.

Insignia 1.7 L Temperature Control Electric Kettle Model: NS-EKB17SS0

Improve your mornings with the touch of a button. The Insignia NS-EKB17SS0 1.7 L Electric Kettle helps make the perfect tea, coffee, oatmeal, instant soup and more. A 1.7-liter capacity and 1,500 W of power heat up water faster than a microwave or stovetop, allowing you to prepare breakfast in no time. Choose the perfect temperature for your drink or dish with six preset options and a keep warm setting. Easily pour water into your favorite mug or bowl with a cordless kettle that effortlessly lifts off of a 360° corded base. For safety, the kettle automatically shuts off when water reaches a boil, preventing the kettle from boiling dry. A heat-resistant handle prevents accidental burns when you reach for the kettle. Indicator lights show the kettle is on and the current selected temperature, letting you know your water will soon be hot and ready. A removable filter and a concealed heating element help reduce buildup to keep the kettle in good condition and working properly. Reduce the time it takes to make your meals and drinks with this Insignia electric kettle.

Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.

(PDF) USER GUIDE in English (EN), Français (FR) and Español (ES) languages.


– Important Safety Instructions
– Package Contents
– Features
– Filling Your Electric Kettle
– Function Buttons
– Using Your Electric Kettle
– Cleaning And Maintaining Your Electric Kettle
– Removing Mineral Deposits
– Cleaning The Outside
– Storing Your Electric Kettle
– Specifications
– Warranty
– Troubleshooting:
The kettle and indicator light do not work when the power switch is turned on.
– Make sure that your kettle is seated properly on the base and that the base is connected to a functioning electrical outlet. The water is boiling, but the power switch and indicator lights are still on.
– The auto-shut off function does not operate properly if the lid is not completely closed. Let the kettle cool, then make sure that the lid is properly locked into place.

The kettle will not turn on.
– Make sure that the kettle is seated properly on the base and that the base is connected to a functioning power outlet.
– Water or debris on the bottom of your kettle or on the base may interfere with the functioning of your kettle. Make sure that the bottom of your kettle and the base are dry and free of debris.

There are mineral deposits inside the kettle.
– Before using your electric kettle for the first time, clean your kettle by boiling two full kettles of water, then discarding the water.
– A certain amount of scale build-up is normal after long periods of use and is caused by minerals contained in hard water. The best way to prevent mineral deposits is to always use distilled water in the kettle.
– To remove deposits, try filling your kettle with water and a few slices of lemon, then boil. If this does not work, see “Removing mineral deposits”.

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