IKAWA Pro100 Sample Roaster User Manual

Download User Manual for IKAWA Pro100 Sample Roaster [24 pages 2020 pdf/zip]

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The IKAWA Pro100 Sample Roaster has a batch capacity of 120g, and all the benefits of being an IKAWA Sample Roaster. It’s extremely consistent, repeatable, easy to use, and hands-free. It saves time, improves quality, and connects you to a global network of roast profiles.
The Pro100 has specifically been designed for coffee professionals who would like up to 100g of roasted coffee per batch, whether that’s to put 5 bowls on the table or so they can brew their samples, as well as cup them.
To enjoy the full potential of your new product, please take the time to read this User Manual thoroughly, and keep it handy for future reference.

Read all of these instructions including important safeguards. Retain this User Manual for later use. Pass on this User Manual in the event of change of ownership. Follow all warnings, cautions and instructions contained in this User Manual.

– Welcome and contents of the pack
– Your IKAWA Sample Roaster
– Positioning your roaster
– Setting-up your roaster
– Connecting the IKAWA Pro App to the roaster
– Roasting
– Removing the beans from the roaster
– Troubleshooting
– Maintenance, repair and disposal
– Warranty