Icecrypt T2200 Freeview HD Receiver User Guide

Download User Manual for Icecrypt T2200 Freeview HD Receiver with CI [52 pages 110T-M0A0B-701-1 2010 pdf/zip]

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The T2200 digital receiver is fully compliant with the international Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard, and thus is able to receive digital broadcasts of that standard. For its operation you need an antenna, which must be installed appropriately.

This digital receiver has the following features:
– Can store up to 2000 television and radio services. Can create lists of your favourite services.
– Can view information about the current television or radio programme.
– Has an electronic programme guide that provides an overview of scheduled programmes.
– You can play back video files of various formats including DivX.


1.1 Features
1.2 Controlling the digital receiver
1.2.1 Front panel
1.2.2 Remote control
1.3 Common Interface

2.1 Unpacking
2.2 Safety precautions
2.3 Rear panel connections
2.4 Connecting up your digital receiver
2.4.1 Connecting to the antenna
2.4.2 Connecting to your television set
2.4.3 Connecting to your video recorder
2.5 Switching on for the first time

3.1 Searching for broadcasting services
3.2 Resetting to factory settings

4.1 Language settings
4.1.1 Menu language
4.1.2 Subtitle language
4.1.3 Hard of Hearing
4.1.4 Audio language
4.2 Video and audio settings
4.2.1 High definition television
4.2.2 Television aspect ratio
4.2.3 Colour format
4.2.4 Another video device
4.2.5 Audio mode
4.3 Local time setting
4.4 Parental control
4.5 Options for playback
4.6 Options for on-screen display
4.7 Options for standby mode
4.8 Interactive television services

5.1 Volume control
5.2 Watching television
5.2.1 The services list
5.2.2 The favourite service lists
5.2.3 Viewing programme information
5.2.4 Selecting audio tracks
5.2.5 Selecting subtitle tracks
5.2.6 Viewing teletext
5.3 Viewing electronic programme guide
5.4 Making timer events

6.1 Editing the favourite lists
6.2 How to use on-screen keyboard

7.1 File archive
7.1.1 To delete a file
7.1.2 To sort files
7.1.3 To filter files
7.1.4 To rename a file
7.1.5 To make a new folder
7.1.6 To move a file to another folder
7.2 Playing back a video file
7.2.1 To navigate using the progress bar
7.2.2 To play in slow motion
7.2.3 To play in fast motion
7.2.4 To play back a video repeatedly
7.2.5 To play back videos in sequence


The Icecrypt T2200 default PIN is 0000.

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