Humax HDR-1800T Freeview HD Digital Recorder User’s Manual

Download User Manual for HUMAX HDR-1800T Freeview HD Digital Recorder [77 pages 2017 pdf/zip]

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The Humax HDR-1800T is a Personal Video Recorder, bursting with recording, multimedia, home-networking and on-demand services for the ultimate subscription-free TV experience. Minimum of 3 mbps are required for catch up TV and video on demand.


– What’s in the box?
– Front and Rear panel view
– Remote Control Guide
– Connecting the Antenna
– Connecting the TV with the HDMI connector
– Connecting the TV with the DVI connector
– Connecting the TV with the SCART connector
– Connecting to the LAN
– Connecting to Wi-Fi
– Installation Wizard
– Menu Overview
– Programme Information (i-plate)
– Editing Channels in Channel List
– Managing Channels
– TV Guide
– Recording and Playback
– Pausing and Rewinding Live TV (TSR)
– Media List
– HUMAX TV Portal
– Setting Power On/Off Timer
– Automatic Channels Search
– Manual Channels Search
– Software Update
– Factory Default
– Signal Detection
– Internet Setting
– HDR-1800T Specification
– HDR-1800T Trouble Shooting
– HDR-1800T Error Messages
– Remote Control Code List

Humax HDR-1800T default password is 0000.

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