Humax FVP-5000T Freeview Play HD Recorder Manual

Download User Manual for HUMAX FVP-5000T Freeview Play HD Recorder [44 pages 2018 pdf/zip]

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FVP-5000T has a dedicated ‘F-Play’ button, Freeview Explore (which is accessible via the Freeview Play area), integrated search, and a new recommendations feature: ‘Top Picks’.

Record up to 4 programmes at the same time you watch a 5th with the choice of three hard drive sizes:

Available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB or in other words:

500GB – Up to 250 hours of recordings
1TB – Up to 500 hours of recordings
2 TB – Up to 1000 hours of recordings

Note: Hours are based on standard definition footage. High definition recording will differ in file size.

5000T Key Features:
– Pause, Rewind & Record live TV
– Record 4 programmes whilst watching a 5th
– Store up to 1000 hours of recordings
– Built-in Wi-Fi
– Dedicated smart app
– Play your own media back via USB or network share
– Access multi-room tv when paired with the H3 Smart Media Player
– Freeview Play
– Netflix


– What’s in the box
– Front, Side and Rear view
– Remote Control guide
– Watching live TV
– Pause, rewind and record live TV
– On-screen icons
– TV Guide
– Setting reminders or recordings within the TV Guide
– Smart Search
– Media via Home Network
– Media via USB/Hard Drive
– Humax Live TV App
– General Settings
– Configuring LAN
– Configuring Wi-Fi
– PVR Settings
– Channel Settings
– System Settings
– Specification
– Humax FVP-5000T Troubleshooting
– Universal Remote Control

Humax FVP-5000T default PIN is: 0000

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