HP LaserJet 5MP Printer C3155A Service Manual

Download PDF service manual for Hewlett-Packard HP LaserJet 5MP Printer (EN) 214 pages C3150-90002 First edition, May 1995 zip

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This PDF service manual is for the HP LaserJet 5MP Printer.

HP LaserJet 5MP Printer



– Overview
– Product Information
– Key Printer Locations and Parts
– Model and Serial Numbers
– Product Specifications
– HP LaserJet 5P/5MP
– HP LaserJet 6P/6MP
– Location Space Requirements
– Documentation and Software
– Documentation
– Software
– New Product Features
– The HP LaserJet 5P/5MP Status Panel
– The HP LaserJet 6P/6MP Status Panel
– Status Panel Buttons
– Status Panel Lights
– Common LED patterns
– Paper Movement Overview
– Infrared Communication
– To Print Using the Infrared Port
– Troubleshooting IR Printing Problems
– Interface Connections
– The Parallel Printer Interfaces
– Resource Saving
– I/O Buffering
– Reprinting Jammed Pages
– Service Mode, PJL Defaults
– Test Pages and Resets
– Printing a Self-Test Page
– Life Expectancy of Consumables
– Removal and Replacement
– Overview
– Required Tools
– Removing the Power Door
– Removing the I/O Cover
– Removing the Left Side Cover
– Removing the Top Cover
– Removing the Tray 1 Pickup Assembly
– Removing the Formatter Board and Shield
– Removing the Fusing Assembly
– Removing the DC Controller Assemblies
– Troubleshooting
– Continuable Data Error Light Patterns
– Error 53 — Memory/SIMM Errors
– Fatal/Service Errors
– Infrared Port Not Responding
– Using the Infrared Test Tool
– Parts and Diagrams
– Ordering Parts
– Ordering Consumables
– Parts Index
– Alphabetical Parts Index
– Numerical Parts Index
– Accessories

This service manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from HP / Hewlett-Packard about the LaserJet 5MP Printer. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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