Honeywell Home T3H310A0045 T3 7 Day Programmable OpenTherm Wired Thermostat User Guide

Download User Guide for Resideo Technologies Honeywell Home T3H310A0045 T3 7 day Programmable OpenTherm Wired Thermostat [22 pages 2019 pdf/zip]

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Honeywell Home T3H310A0045 T3 7 Day Programmable OpenTherm Wired Thermostat

The T3 Series of programmable thermostats provide sophisticated automatic control of domestic heating systems. They have been developed to provide intuitive heating time and temperature control with a wealth of features that will make the T3 the first choice in a wide variety of installations.
Designed for a variety of scenarios, including social housing, new constructions and mass installations, the T3 Series thermostat is the preferred choice for heating professionals. Not only is the T3 Series simple to install, it’s fully compatible with multiple boilers and systems. The Intuitive programming and control makes the T3 Series popular with customers too.

1) Thermostat Interface:
– Screen and Button Overview: Programming Menu, Settings Menu, Alert, Room Temperature, Current time, Heat demand, Optimisation, Low battery, Wireless signal (T3R), Keypad Locked, Temperature adjust, Right button, Middle button, Left button, Schedule period, Day.
– Status Icons: Temperature Override Active, Low Battery, Heat Demand, Optimisation Active, 1 Hour Override Active, Wireless Signal (T3R only).
– Menu & Navigation Icons: MENU, Back, Confirm, Standby.
– Navigating the Menu
2) Menu:
– Heating Schedule
– Adjusting the Schedule
– Copy Schedule
– Delete Period
– Settings (Date & Time)
3) Device Modes:
– Automatic Operation (AUTO). Temporary Override. +1hr Timed Override.
– Manual Operation (MAN). Permanent Override.
– Standby mode (with frost protect)
4) Keypad Lock: Lock, Unlock.
5) Optimisation: Optimum Start, Delayed Start, Optimum Stop.
6) Changing the Batteries (T3 & T3R only)
7) Table Stand and Wall Mount (T3R only)
8) Wireless Receiver Box (T3R only)
9) Troubleshooting

QUICK START USER GUIDE in English (EN), Dutch (NL), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Spanish (ES), Portuguese (PT), Czech (CZ), Croatian (HR), Hungarian (HU), Polish (PL), Romanian (RO) and Slovak (SK) languages.
(32341899-004 A, 32341898-001 B, 32341898-005 D)
– Screen and button overview
– Default Schedule. Adjusting the Schedule. Copy Day. Delete period.
– Device Modes: AUTO, MAN, OFF.
– Temperature Override: AUTO, MAN, +1h.
– Holiday Mode. Cancel.
– Date and Time
– Keypad Lock
– Troubleshooting