Graco SnugRide 35 Lite Infant Car Seat Instruction Manual

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This PDF instruction manual is for the Graco SnugRide 35 Lite infant car seat.

Graco SnugRide 35 Lite Infant Car Seat

Color: Sands | Model#: 2128603

Rear-Facing Only: 4-35 lb, Up to 32″, head must be at least 1″ below top of car seat
STOP using this child restraint or base and throw it away 7 years after the date of manufacture.
Children are safer riding rear-facing and should ride rear-facing as long as possible, until they reach the maximum rear-facing height or weight rating for their car seat. Graco convertible and all-in-one car seats have higher rear-facing limits that will allow children to ride rear-facing longer after outgrowing their infant car seat. Be sure to check your local and state laws, as well as AAP and NHTSA recommendations, for car seat usage.*
*Graco Supports the American Academy of Pediatrics and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Car Seat Guidelines. Visit our safety page for information on car seat usage recommendations.

– Cleaning Seat Pad: Machine wash pad & canopy in cold water with gentle soap on delicate cycle & drip dry. Do not use bleach
– Cleaning Buckle: Place in a cup of warm water and gently agitate the buckle. Press red button several times while in the water. Do not submerge the buckle strap. Do not use soap, detergents or lubricants
– Cleaning Harness: Surface wash only with mild soap & damp cloth or wipes. Do not immerse harness straps or latch strap in water. For full instructions see here
– Cleaning Hardgoods: Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap & cool water For full cleaning instructions, please refer to your user manual or contact Customer Service.

Read this instruction manual.
Do not install or use this child restraint until you read and understand the instructions in this manual.
Keep instructions for future use.



1-A Quick Guide to Your Manual
– What Seating Location Should I Use?
– The best seating location for this infant car seat.
– Which Installation Method Should I Use?
– When Installing Base
– When Installing Carrier
– Does Your Seat Fit Your Child Correctly?
– Did You Do Everything Correctly?
1-B Before You Begin
Even if this car seat seems easy to figure out on your own, you must follow the detailed instructions in this instruction manual to ensure the steps below are performed correctly.
– Register This Child Restraint
– If You Need Help
– Certification
– Car Seat’s Useful Life
STOP using this car seat and throw it away 7 years after the date of manufacture. Graco Children’s Products Inc. advises against loaning or passing along a car seat unless you know the complete history of the product. We also advise against purchasing a car seat second hand.
– Vehicle Seat Protection
– Warm Weather Use
– 1-C Safety Warnings

2-A Car Seat Features
2-B Removing Car Seat from Base
2-C Attaching Car Seat to Base
2-D Adjusting Carry Handle
2-E Reclining the Base
2-F Choosing Vehicle Seat Location
2-G Choosing Lower Anchor Attachment or Seat Belts
2-H What is Lower Anchor Attachment?

3-A Rear-Facing Checklist
3-B Installing With Base With Lower Anchor Attachment Strap: 10 steps. Is Everything Correct?
3-C Installing With Base With Vehicle Seat Belt: 9 steps. Is Everything Correct?
3-D Installing Without Base With Vehicle Seat Belt: 6 steps. Is Everything Correct?

4-A Adjusting Harness to Fit Child
4-B Adjusting Buckle to Fit Child
4-C Securing Child in Car Seat
4-D Removing Child

5-A Carrier Use

6-A Additional Lower Anchor Attachment Information
6-B How to Remove Lower Anchor Attachment
6-C Unsafe Vehicle Seats
6-D Vehicle Seat Belts
– Identify Your Seat Belt Type
– Lap/Shoulder Seat Belt Installation
– How to Lock Your Lap/Shoulder Vehicle Seat Belt
– Sliding Latch Plate and Switchable Retractor
– Locking Latch Plate and ELR Retractor
– Sliding Latch Plate and ALR Retractor
– Lap Belt Installation

How to remove Infant Head and Body Support

8-A Cleaning Seat Pad
8-B Cleaning Buckle
8-C Cleaning Harness and Lower Anchor Attachment

How to purchase parts or accessories

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