Graco Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit SnugLock 4-in-1 Car Seat (with Anti-Rebound Bar) Instruction Manual

Download PDF user manual for Graco Children’s Products Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit SnugLock 4-in-1 Car Seat (with Anti-Rebound Bar) (EN|ES) 148 pages NWL0001234836B, NWL0001234837B 3/21; NWL0001279482A 5/21 2021 zip



This PDF instruction manual is for the Graco Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit SnugLock 4-in-1 car seat.

Graco Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit SnugLock 4-in-1 Car Seat featuring Anti-Rebound Bar

Color: Midtown | Model#: 2152351

The Graco Premier Midtown collection is tailored with premium materials and design. The Graco Premier 4Ever DLX Extend2Fit SnugLock 4-in-1 Car Seat featuring Anti-Rebound Bar gives you 10 years of use with one car seat, and installs in less than one minute with SnugLock Technology. The 4-in-1 car seat transitions from a rear-facing harness (4-50 lb) to forward-facing harness (22-65 lb) to highback belt-positioning booster (40-100 lb) to backless booster (40-120 lb). The anti-rebound bar provides an additional layer of rear-facing safety by limiting rotation of the seat and your child in the event of an impact. The Extend2Fit 4-position extension panel provides up to 5″ of extra rear-facing legroom, allowing your child to safely ride rear-facing longer, up to 50 lb. The car seat is Graco ProtectPlus Engineered to help protect your child in frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes.
– Up to 50 lb rear-facing, allowing your child to safely ride rear-facing longer
– Graco ProtectPlus Engineered: a combination of the most rigorous crash tests that helps to protect your little one in frontal, side, rear & rollover crashes
– No-Rethread Simply Safe Adjust Harness System allows the headrest and harness to adjust together in one motion
– Choose the perfect headrest height from 10 positions to get the safest fit for your child as they grow
– 6-position recline keeps your child comfy and helps for a better installation
– Graco’s push-button InRight LATCH provides an easy, one-second attachment with an audible click to help ensure secure installation
– Rapid Remove cover removes in 60 seconds, without uninstalling the seat or removing the harness, and is machine-washable for easy cleaning
– Rubberized, fuss-free harness storage pockets hold the harness out of the way, with a no-slip grip to get baby in and out
– Harness storage compartment keeps the harness safely stored while in belt-positioning booster mode
– Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability for 10 years of use
– Easy-to-read level indicator helps eliminate installation guesswork
– 2 easy-to-clean cup holders keep your child’s drinks and snacks close at hand
– Removable, plush head and body inserts help to keep your infant feeling cradled and comfortable
– EPS, energy-absorbing foam for effective impact management
– Meets or exceeds the child restraint criteria for a frontal crash test under the US FMVSS 213
– Side-impact tested for occupant retention with the built-in 5-point harness system and in highback belt-positioning modes
– Rear-impact tested based on the European Rear-Impact Crash Pulse
– Tested to Graco’s RollSafe testing standard based on the European rollover testing procedure
– Be sure to check your local and state laws, as well as AAP and NHTSA recommendations, for car seat usage
– Tested using approximately twice the impact force required by the US FMVSS 213 car seat safety standard

– Rear-Facing Harness: 4-50 lb, head must be at least 1″ below handle; Forward-Facing Harness: 22-65 lb, up to 49″; Highback Booster: 40-100 lb, 43-57″, at least 4 years old; Backless Booster: 40-120 lb, 43-57″, at least 4 years old
– STOP using this child restraint and throw it away 10 years after the date of manufacture
– Children are safer riding rear-facing and should ride rear-facing as long as possible, until they reach the maximum rear-facing height or weight rating for their car seat. Then children should ride forward-facing, using the built-in harness system for as long as possible until they reach the maximum forward-facing weight or height for their car seat. At that point, children should ride in a belt-positioning booster seat. A booster is no longer needed once the vehicle seat belt fits properly, typically when they reach 4 feet 9 inches tall and are between ages 8-12. Be sure to check your local and state laws, as well as AAP and NHTSA recommendations, for car seat usage.*
*Graco Supports the American Academy of Pediatrics and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Car Seat Guidelines. Visit our safety page for information on car seat usage recommendations.

– Cleaning Seat Pad: Machine wash pad in cold water with gentle soap on delicate cycle & drip dry. Do not use bleach
– Cleaning Buckle: Place in a cup of warm water and gently agitate the buckle. Press red button several times while in the water. Do not submerge the buckle strap. Do not use soap, detergents or lubricants
– Cleaning Harness: Surface wash only with mild soap & damp cloth or wipes. Do not immerse harness straps or latch strap in water. For full instructions see here
– Cleaning Hardgoods: Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap & cool water For full cleaning instructions, please refer to your user manual or contact Customer Service at or 1-800-345-4109

Read This Instruction Manual.
Do not install or use this child restraint until you read and understand the instructions in this manual.



1-A A Quick Guide to Your Manual.
Graco advises that you have your physician or hospital staff evaluate your infant and recommend the proper car seat or car bed before you and your infant leave the hospital.
– What Seating Location Should I Use? The best seating location for this car seat.
– Which Installation Method Should I Use?
– What is LATCH?
– When Installing Rear-Facing or Forward-Facing
– When Installing As a Booster
– Does Your Car Seat Fit Your Child Correctly?
– Did You Do Everything Correctly?
1-B Welcome to the Graco Family
Even if this car seat seems easy to figure out on your own, you must follow the detailed instructions in this instruction manual to ensure the steps below are performed correctly.
1-C Right Mode of Use
1-D Before You Begin: Register This Child Restraint; If You Need Help; Certification; Car Seat’s Useful Life; Vehicle Seat Protection; Warm Weather Use.
1-E Safety Warnings

2-A Car Seat Features

3-A Rear-Facing Use
3-B Install Rear-Facing with Lower Anchor Attachment: 19 steps. Is Everything Correct?
3-C Install Rear-Facing with Vehicle Seat Belt: 16 steps. Is Everything Correct?

4-A Forward-Facing Use
4-B Install Forward-Facing with LATCH: 18 steps. Is Everything Correct?
4-C Install Forward-Facing with the Vehicle Seat Belt: 19 steps. Is Everything Correct?

5-A Securing Child 5-Point Harness: 15 steps.

6-A Booster Use
6-B Install Highback Booster
6-C Install Backless Booster
6-D Securing Child Highback Booster
6-E Securing Child Backless Booster

7-A Moving the Lower Anchor Attachment


– Attaching the Anti-Rebound Bar
– Removing the Anti-Rebound Bar

10-A How to Uninstall Lower Anchor Connectors and Tether
10-B Choosing Vehicle Seat Location
10-C Unsafe Vehicle Seat Location
10-D Vehicle Seat Belts
– Identify Your Seat Belt Type.
– Lap/Shoulder Belt Installation.
– How to Lock Your Lap and Shoulder Vehicle Seat Belt.
– Locking Latchplate and ELR Retractor.
– Sliding Latch Plate and ALR Retractor
– Lap Belt Installation
10-E Aircraft Installation

11-A Cleaning Rapid Remove Seat Pad. Headrest Pad. Seat Pad. Front Seat Pad. Side Pad. Top Pad.
11-B Cleaning Buckle
11-C Cleaning Harness, Lower Anchor Attachment and Tether Straps
11-D Cleaning Extend2Fit Extension Panel
11-E Cleaning Anti-Rebound Bar


NWL0001279482A 5/21
This Quick Start Guide is here to help you get started quickly, but please remember to read and understand your instruction manual for full details on how to use your car seat.

– How to Install With Snuglock Technology
– Rear-Facing Harness Installation
– Forward-Facing Harness Installation
– Harness Modes Installation Checklist
– Highback Booster Installation
– Backless Booster Installation
– Booster Belt Fit Checklist

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