Goodmans GFSDTR500HD Freesat+ HD Digital TV Recorder Instruction Manual

Download User Manual for Goodmans GFSDTR500HD Freesat+ HD Digital TV Recorder [38 pages 2009 pdf/zip]




– What’s in the box?

– Your HD digital TV recorder: Front view, Rear view, Standby Mode, Playback Mode, Time shift Mode (Pausing Live TV), Recording Mode

– Your remote control

– Connecting up: Connecting to a HD Ready TV, connecting to a standard definition TV, SPDIF connection to a surround sound system, Scart connection to a VCR/DVD, OPTICAL connection to a surround sound system

– Getting started: Put batteries in the remote control, Plug in and switch on, The first time install screen

– Daily use: Choosing a programme, Changing the channel, The information bar, Changing the volume, Audio description, Audio channel, Subtitles, Pausing live TV

– The guide window: Navigation, Guide icons, Setting a reminder, Setting a recording, Recording clashes

– The library window: Navigation, Watching a recording, Previewing a recording, Series Link, Protecting a recording, Deleting a recording

– The channel List: Channel list icons, Hiding a channel, Favourites, Deleting a channel, Manual Recording, Manual Channels

– The settings menu: Changing the settings, Display and audio, Language, Parental, Freesat+

– System information

– Guidance: Guidance settings
What is guidance?
Guidance is a parental lock which gives you control against the types of programmes that can be watched and played back on your HD Digital TV Recorder.

– Non-freesat channels

– Help and advice: Frequently asked questions, Troubleshooting

– Technical Specification

– Quick Start Guide

The default PIN of Goodmans GFSDTR500HD is 0000.

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