Goodmans GFSAT100SD Freesat Receiver Instruction Manual

Download User Manual for Goodmans GFSAT100SD Freesat Satellite SD Receiver [14 pages IB-Rev1-140308 2008 pdf/zip]

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Thank you for choosing this Goodmans freesat receiver.
Not only can it receive over 80 subscription free channels, but you can also get radio channels.
It’s really simple to use; it’s all done using the clear, easy to understand on screen menus which are operated from the remote control. It even has a reminder function so that you won’t miss for favourite programmes.


– What’s in the box?

– Front/Rear view

– Your remote control guide

– Daily use: Introducing the channel lists, Changing the channel, Changing the volume, Audio description, Subtitles

– The menu system: The main menu, TV listings menu (To lock and unlock a channel you will need to enter the code 0000), The language menu, The information menu

– Using the programme reminder

– Help and advice:
In which direction should my satellite dish be positioned?
Can I connect more than one freesat receiver to my satellite dish?
Why do I have to enter my postcode in the first time setup?
How do i do a first time install again?
How do I look for new system software?
How do I find out system information about my freesat receiver?
How do I change the default audio language?

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