GE Profile Automatic Espresso Machine with Frother Owner’s Manual

Download PDF user manual for GE Profile Automatic Espresso Machine + Frother, Model #: P7CEBBS6RBB (EN|FR) 52 pages 49-9000017 Rev.1 2021 zip

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This PDF owner’s manual is for the GE Profile Automatic Espresso Machine + Frother (P7CEBBS6RBB).

GE Profile Automatic Espresso Machine + Frother (P7CEBBS6RBB)

Model #: P7CEBBS6RBB

Start your brew with single touch and enjoy hot espresso in 90 seconds or adjust My Brew settings via your smartphone via WiFi connection and SmartHQ app. The built-in bean hopper seals and keeps beans fresh while the internal bean waste bin is easy to remove and clean.
Modern design features a 7″ wide footprint fits easily on your counter. Choose from 5 levels of grind size for ideal taste and aroma extraction. Enjoy delicious hot espresso or full flavor (not watered down) iced coffee.

Read all instructions before using the appliance. Save these instructions.

(PDF) OWNER’S MANUAL in English (EN) and French (FR) languages.


– Safety Information
– Getting Started. General Information. Drip Tray. Water Tank. Coffee Bean Container.
– Components
– Accessories: Cleaning Kit, Milk Pitcher.
– Control Panel
– Functions: Espresso / Lungo / Americano / My Brew / Steam / Hot Water
– Alerts: WiFi / Add Water / Add/Stir Beans / Check Brew Unit / Empty Waste / Descale / Rinsing / Notification LED / Pump Airlock Condition
– Notification Light: Solid White (Idle), Clockwise fill from Light Blue to Magenta (Powering On), Rotating White (Rinsing, Hot Water Dispense, Descaling, System Emptying), Rotating Segment White (Grinding), Solid White to clockwise fill from Blue to Magenta (brew in Progress), Blue (Add Water or Reinstall Water Tank), Yellow (Add/Stir Beans), Orange (Empty Waste), Red (Check Brew Unit), Counter Clockwise fill from full circle to all black (Power Off), Rotating Red (Heating).
– Using Your Espresso Machine. Coffee Grinder Knob. Removable Steam Wand. Adjustable Steam Wand and Coffee Spout. How to Turn on the Machine. Espresso, Lungo, Americano, and My Brew Functions. Steam and Hot Water. Custom Dispense Amount.
– Care And Cleaning. Cleaning the Espresso Machine. Cleaning the Coffee Brewer and Service Area. Descaling Process. System Emptying. Checking Your Water Hardness.
– Tips
– WiFi Connect – SmartHQ App.
– FCC Statement
– Limited Warranty
– Consumer Support

– Appliance does not work/does not turn on.
– No or delayed response from pressing buttons on control panel.
– Coffee is not hot enough.
– Coffee does not come out of spout.
– Coffee is dispensing slower than normal
– Espresso shot has no crema.
– Steam wand is not making enough microfoam
– Appliance takes too long to heat up.
– Water tank is empty but “Add Water” alert does not show up.
– Internal Drip Tray is filled with large amount of water.
– “Add/Stir Coffee Beans” indicator on but hopper still contains lots of coffee beans.
– Grinder is making a very loud sharp noise.
– Appliance disposes of unused coffee grounds without brewing coffee.
– Coffee dispensed is watery.
– Coffee Brewer cannot be removed.
– Disposal Drawer cannot be removed.
– Internal drip tray is filled with water.
– No steam or hot water is coming out of the steam wand.
– Steam or hot water have stopped dispensing mid-process.
– Poor crema formation and weak espresso.

This owner’s manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from GE Appliances about the Profile Automatic Espresso Machine + Frother (P7CEBBS6RBB). You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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