Garmin GPSMAP 86i Marine Handheld Owner’s Manual

Download PDF user manual for Garmin GPSMAP 86i Marine Handheld With inReach Capabilities (EN) 58 pages GUID-3D87F918-B81E-4956-8EFC-5C8C977D195D v6 2021 zip

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This PDF user manual is for the Garmin GPSMAP 86i Marine Handheld.

Garmin GPSMAP 86i Marine Handheld With inReach Capabilities

GPSMAP 86i is a handheld marine GPS with inReach satellite communication, two text messaging, and the ability to stream boat data from compatible instruments.

(PDF) OWNER’S MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Introduction: GPSMAP 86s/sc Device Overview, GPSMAP 86i/sci Device Overview, Buttons, Charging the Device, Saving Energy While Charging the Device, Activating the Device, Iridium Satellite Network
– inReach Features: Messages, Tracking, SOS
– Testing the Device
– Syncing inReach Data
– Contacts: Adding a Contact, Editing a Contact, Deleting a Contact
– Using the Main Pages: Opening the Main Menu, Map, Compass, Trip Computer, Altimeter
– Connected Features: Connected Feature Requirements, Pairing a Smartphone with Your Device, Phone Notifications, Connecting to a Wireless Network, Connect IQ Features, Garmin Explore
– Navigation: Navigating to a Destination, Waypoints, Routes, Recordings
– Weather: Requesting an inReach Weather Forecast, Viewing an Active Weather Forecast
– Data Use and History: Viewing Plan Details, Viewing Data Use
– Main Menu Tools: BirdsEye Imagery, Geocaches, Setting a Proximity Alarm, Sending and Receiving Data Wirelessly, Selecting a Profile, Calculating the Size of an Area, Using the VIRB Remote, Using the Flashlight, Satellite Page
– Customizing the Device: Customizing the Data Fields, Setup Menu
– Device Information: Product Updates, Getting More Information, Battery Information, Attaching the Carabiner Clip, Attaching a Lanyard, Device Care, Data Management, Specifications, Viewing E-label Regulatory and Compliance Information
– Appendix: Data Fields, Getting More Information, Optional Accessories, About Heart Rate Zones
– Index


This owner’s manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Garmin about the GPSMAP 86i Marine Handheld. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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