FloLogic Smart Water Leak Detection System Manual

Download User Manual for FloLogic Smart Water Control Intelligent Leak Control with EverWatch(R) Technology [84 pages 1PRT009.20, 1PRT001.21, 1PRT002.22 v3.9 2020 pdf/zip]



FloLogic Smart Water Control Intelligent Leak Control with EverWatch(R) Technology

With FloLogic System(R) you can now relax knowing that your home or business is constantly protected against flooding due to leaks or failures in its plumbing system. In addition, FloLogic will give you early notice of water wastage due to leaks that, according to the EPA, account for 12% of domestic water use in the USA. The FloLogic System will monitor and control all water flowing through a residence or building’s plumbing system.
The System works by detecting and timing the flow of water through the inlet water pipe. There are two basic operating modes for the System: Home and Away. The difference is the occupancy status of the building and thus the amount of water that is expected to be used.
FloLogic’s EverWatch(R) flow sensing technology can detect leaks in real time beginning at 1/2 ounce per minute. The default flow rate sensitivity has been factory set at 2 ounces per minute. Once flow above 2 ounces per minute is detected, the System allows water to flow for whatever length of time the user has stipulated for each of the modes.
The default time for the Home mode is 30 minutes, and the Away mode is 30 seconds (0.5 minutes). Switching from Home mode to Away mode, and conversely from Away mode to Home mode, is accomplished by simply pressing the corresponding key on the Control Panel.
When water flow exceeds the preset timer intervals, the water is turned off, an audible alarm is sounded and the Control Panel displays the message “LEAK”. If connected to a security system or the FloLogic CONNECT Module, the System will communicate the leak event to your security system or through the CONNECT app to notify you of the problem.
The FloLogic System includes several convenience features and allows the user to change any of the default timer intervals if so desired.
Another feature that distinguishes FloLogic is a patented process where the software periodically “exercises” the ball valve to ensure the valve itself is operating correctly. No other automatic shut-off system can provide this unique and comforting feature.

This manual covers operation using the local Control Panel. When the optional CONNECT Module is installed, enabling app-based control, changes made through the app will be reflected on the Control Panel and vice versa.

– General Information
– Routine Testing and Maintenance. OPERATIONAL TEST. FLOW SENSOR TEST. BATTERY
– Basic Operation. Home Mode. Away Mode. Flow Indication. Clearing Alarms. Water Shutoff
– System Components: Ball Valve and Actuator (“Valve Assembly”), Flow Sensor (“Sensor”), System Battery and AC Adapter (“Power Supply”), Keypad and Display (“Control Panel”)
– Operations and Terminology. Drip Rate. Home Mode. Delay Away. Bypass. Automatic Away. Control Panel Sounds. Powering Options.
– Programming Instructions
– Disabling / Re-Enabling System / Flow Sensor Testing
– Normal Messages
– Fault Messages
– Programming Messages
– External Contact Closure Messages
– My Settings
– Drip Rate Table

– Before You Begin
– Unpack Carton And Check Contents
– FloLogic System Specifications
– Installation Guide Contents: Planning And Preparation, Valve Installation, Connecting The Control Panel, Power Up System, Operational Test
Reference Material:
– Installation Troubleshooting
– External System Interconnect Options
– Wiring Outputs to External Systems
– Irrigation Override Using External Relay
– Water Softener Override Using Flow Switch
– Pool Fill / Hose Bib Override Using Flow Switch
– Auto Shutoff of Recirculation Pump Using External Relay
– Limited Warranty
– Basic System Layout

This guide reviews the basics of operating your FloLogic System through the FloLogic app. It also provides initial CONNECT Module and app setup instructions.
FloLogic CONNECT Setup
– Creating an Account
– Configuring the CONNECT Module
– CONNECT Module Operation
FloLogic App Basic Operation
– System Mode
– Settings
– Share a Device
– Troubleshooting

To use this pipe-size guide, wrap the ruler around the pipe starting at the zero point and see which pipe size range meets the zero point. This is the pipe size and associated FloLogic System valves size.

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