Energizer EN548 Power Inverter Owner’s Guide

Download Owner’s Guide for Energizer EN548 Power Inverter 500W (1000W surge) [24 pages 2016 pdf/zip]

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Energizer EN548 Power Inverter 500W (1000W surge)

Connected to the 12 volt outlet in your vehicle, the EN548 efficiently and reliably powers a wide variety of loads through both the AC outlet (500W) and USB port (48W).

Read this guide before connecting or using the EN548 and save it for future reference.

1. Introduction
2. Important Safety Information
3. Safety Features
4. Inverter Features
5. Using the Inverter
6. Inverter Operation
– Operating Guidelines
– Battery Operating Time
– Interference with Electronic Equipment
7. Troubleshooting:
– AC product will not operate, no inverter lights are ON.
– Measured inverter output is too low.
– AC product will not operate, RED FAULT light ON.
8. Specifications
9. Warranty and Return

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