Dr.Overflow DVB2000 Operating System v.1.82.6 for Nokia DVB9600S/DVB9500S/DVB9200S/D-Box Manual v2.01

Download PDF user manual for Dr.Overflow DVB2000 v.1.82.6 Operating System for Nokia MediaMaster (DVB9600S/DVB9500S/DVB9200S/D-Box) (EN) 43 pages v2.01 2001 zip

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This PDF user manual is for the Dr.Overflow DVB2000 v.1.82.6 Operating System for Nokia MediaMaster (DVB9600S/DVB9500S/DVB9200S/D-Box).

Dr.Overflow DVB2000 v.1.82.6 Operating System for Nokia MediaMaster (DVB9600S/DVB9500S/DVB9200S/D-Box)

The DVB2000 software is an experimental software that is not exclusively written for the very digital satellite TV beginners. The DVB9600S and similar digital receiver users who only want to watch TV programmes and listen to digital radio without any deeper technical interest and without any desire to experiment – they should rather leave the things as they are. In this case we recommend to go on with the original software Nokia with its all positive and negative features.

(PDF) USER MANUAL in English (EN) language.


1. Introduction

2. DVB2000 SW transfer to the receiver

3. First launch of the DVB2000 software

4. Remote controller buttons
4.1 Channel select
4.2 Favourite channels setup
4.3 Setting, channel name change, editing
4.4 Volume setting

5. Main Menu
5.1 Teletext – COOLTEXT
5.2 Multimedia (SCSI HDD, CD)
5.3 SCSI Support (CD Rom + HDD)
5.4 Timer/video
5.5 Tuner
5.6 PID
5.7 Setup
5.7.1 Submenu – LNB Setup
5.7.2 Submenu – LNB Control
5.7.3 Submenu – CAM menu
5.7.4 Submenu – SCSI
5.7.5 Submenu – Video
5.7.6 Submenu – Search Submenu – SAT Search
5.7.7 Submenu – Positioner

6. Expert Menu
6.1 Layer Demux
6.2 Tuner
6.3 Video MPEG
6.3.1 NTSC Expert Menu
6.4 Audio MPEG
6.5 I/O Port setting
6.5.1 12V Cinch Menu
6.5.2 SCART Menu
6.6 Data Download
6.7 Encoder 71xx
6.8 Channels
6.8.1 SI-Parsing Menu
6.9 DiSEqC
6.10 General Setup
6.10.1 Display Menu Colours Menu
6.10.2 Delay/Timer Menu
6.10.3 Defaults Menu

7.1 Parental Cnt (control)
7.2 Info Menu
7.3 Help Menu
7.4 Option Menu

8.1 Watching TV with 16:9 wide-screen TV
8.2 EPG

9.1 Accessories, supporting software for PC
9.2 How to do ..? (enlarging RAM, reset of general settings)

10.1 Glossary
– Remote Control photo and buttons description

This user manual provides all the information from Dr.Overflow about the DVB2000 v.1.82.6 Operating System for Nokia MediaMaster (DVB9600S/DVB9500S/DVB9200S/D-Box). You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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