Dimplex XLE100 Slimline Storage Heater Instruction Manual

Download PDF Instruction Manual for Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation XLE100 Slimline Storage Heater (2.22kW Input Rating / 1kW Heat Output) (EN) zip

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This PDF instruction manual is for the Dimplex XLE100 Slimline Storage Heater with 1kW Heat Output.

Dimplex XLE100 Slimline Storage Heater 2.22kW Input Rating | 1kW Heat Output | 5011139655295 | 5011139080998

Dimplex XLE represents the new non-high heat retention standard for storage heating, raising the bar over conventional storage heaters. XLE storage heaters offer dynamic storage calculation, adjusting the amount of energy that is stored to meet the user’s requirements without wastage. As a result, a greater amount of electricity can be saved with off-peak energy. Users now have greater control over their heating with the built-in timer, allowing heating times and temperatures to be defined. Heat leakage, a common trait of conventional storage heaters, has also been greatly reduced allowing the room to be at a comfortable temperature in the morning and still have enough stored energy to heat on a night. Two electrical supplies will be required for the XLE. These are: Peak Supply to control the electronics, fan and boost and an Off-Peak Supply for the storage core.

(PDF) INSTRUCTION MANUAL in English (EN) languages.


(Installation and Operating, Series A/B/C)

– Caution
– Important Safety Advice
– Overheating Warning
– Suitable Applications Warning
– Servicing And Repairs Warning
– Operating Warnings
– Electrical Installation Warnings
– Child Safety Warning
– Technical Details
– Preparation
– Installing the Heater. Suggested Fixings.
– Electrical Connections
– Building the Heater Core
– Operation
– Display Screen. ‘Menu’ Button (Date/Time – Mode – Options). ‘Back’ Button. ‘Up and Down’ Arrows. ‘Enter’ Button (‘Comfort On’ – ‘Comfort Off ‘ – ‘Out All Day’). ‘Advance’ Button. Heating Status.
– Control Functions
– Main Screen
– Setting the Date and Time
– Modes of Operation: User Timer (pre-programmed, factory default). Out All Day (pre-programmed). Holiday. Boost. Auto Boost Function. Setback.
– Choosing and Setting a Mode: Timer Modes. Advance function. Boost mode. Setback mode.
– Options: DST Rule. Report. Sound. Comms.
– Child Lock
– User Information: Open Window detection. Factory Reset. Extra Charge.
– Service menu: Charge Time. Slave Mode. Landlord Lock (Disabled as factory default. Default PIN code: 0000). Rm Temp Off set.
– Landlord Lock Mode: Introduction. Operation in Landlord Lock Mode. Enabling Landlord Lock Mode. Disabling Landlord Lock Mode.
– Landlord Lock Mode Settings
– Boost, Setback and Timer Mode Lock
– Slave Mode
– Energy Saving Tips
– Cleaning
– Battery Replacement
– Energy Related Product Directive
– Circuit Diagram – XLE Series A
– Circuit Diagram – XLE Series B
– Circuit Diagram – XLE Series C

QUICK START GUIDE (Series A and C). This guide is for quick reference only.
– How does the heater control work?
– Set the time
– Set the temperature
– Set the timer mode
– Which timer mode is best for me?
– Advance
– Boost
– Activating the Child Lock
– Landlord Lock


– The heater doesn’t appear to be storing any energy overnight.
– The surfaces of my heater are not very hot.
– Some days the heater seems hotter than others?
– What Timer Mode is best for me?
– Although the displays shows Comfort On, the Fan does not appear to be operating?
– Do I need to leave my heater switched ON at the wall at all times?
– I am going on Holiday, can I switch my heater off ?
– I need the heat during the ‘Comfort Off’ period, what could I do?
– My room temperature is not high enough in the evening.
– Why am I having to use ‘Boost’ function every day to achieve comfort?
– How can I lower my bills?
– My children keep changing the settings on the control.
– After I switch the heater on it takes a few days to get hot.

This instruction manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation about the XLE100 Slimline Storage Heater (2.22kW Input Rating / 1kW Heat Output). You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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