Dimplex Quantum RF HHR Storage Heater QM125RF Installation and Operating Manual

Download PDF installation and operating manual for Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation QM125RF Quantum RF HHR Storage Heater (2.76kW Input Rating/1.25kW Heat Output) (EN) zip



This PDF manual is for the Dimplex QM125RF Quantum RF HHR 1.25kW Storage Heater.

Dimplex Quantum RF HHR Storage Heater QM125RF

2.76kW Input Rating | 1.25kW Heat Output | 19.32kWh Storage Capacity | 5011139081421

Quantum RF is the world’s most advanced, Lot 20 compliant and SAP accredited high heat retention storage heater, now with an RF module built in as standard making connecting to Dimplex Control much simpler.
The pure white casing and anodised aluminium grilles create a clean and stylish look which complements any environment; a perfect upgrade for older, static storage heaters. Now with upgraded iQ controls, the Quantum RF Series G.8 retains rotary dial operation and adds more intelligent software functions than ever, saving you money and giving you increased control over your heating comfort.
At the heart of Quantum is the intelligent automatic charge control. This algorithm learns your usage, lifestyle and climate conditions and adapts accordingly, using only the required amount of low cost, off-peak electricity needed to charge the unit to meet your heating requirements. This ensures that no energy or money is wasted, so you can relax and enjoy your perfect room temperature, all without lifting a finger. By using primarily off-peak energy, it is predicted that 90% of the heating requirement will be met with low cost energy, offering you savings of up to 27% compared to a standard storage heater system* and up to 47% compared to an electric convector or radiator system*.
Quantum now has 3 customisable heating timers, each with four time and temperature settings for each day of the week. You can also temporarily adjust the heat levels manually with the user-friendly rotary control if you prefer, to give instant heat when you need it – day and night. The newly added ‘Boost’ function provides a more specific temporary boost of heat outside of timed heating periods, in addition to the existing ‘Advance’ function. An improved ‘Away’ mode allows for a return time and/or date to be set, allowing the heater to maintain a lower background temperature in your absence to avoid mould or damp, before returning to regular timed operation upon your return. Other features of the new Quantum RF Series G.8 includes PIN-code locking with customisable rulesets, per-heating mode peak-rate/stored energy control, ‘setback’ temperatures, frost protection, charge control offsets and more! For the first time, Quantum can now be remotely controlled via the internet using the Dimplex Control smartphone app.
With Dimplex Control, you have total control of your supported Dimplex products, anytime, anywhere. The app allows you to control and configure your heaters or hot water cylinders, individually or by zone, and easily track the energy usage of each. Quantum is the product of over 70 years of heating experience, from our own in-house research, development, design and manufacturing facilities in the UK. Unlike most electric heaters, Quantum is BEAB Approved – the highest safety standard achievable in the UK. This means you can enjoy a wonderfully warm home and sleep soundly knowing Quantum is designed to be extremely reliable and maintenance free.

These instructions should be read carefully and retained for future reference.
Note also the information presented on the appliance.



– Caution
– Important Safety Advice
– Overheating Warning Warning
– Suitable Applications Warning
– Servicing And Repairs Warning
– Operating Warnings
– Electrical Installation Warning
– Child Safety Warning
– Energy Related Product Directive
– Technical Details
– Operating Instructions
– Product Clearances
– Single Supply
– First Time Power-On
– Dimplex Control App
– Operation
– Control: Display Screen. ‘Menu’ Button. ‘Back’ Button. ‘Selector Dial’. ‘Enter’ Button. ‘Advance’ Button. Heating Status.
– Settings: Heater Lock. Boost Settings (Default Boost Target Temperature, Max Boost Duration). Setback Settings. Date & Time Settings. Sound Settings. ‘Comms’ (Communications) Settings. Adaptive Settings (Open Window Detection, Adaptive Start).
– Timer Modes
– Available Timer Modes (User Timer, Home All Day, Out All Day, Away Mode)
– Modifying a Timer Mode
– Copy & Paste
– The ‘Advance’ Function
– Away Mode
– Frost Protect
– Boost Mode
– Product Locks: Child Lock. Heater Lock (PIN Lock). PIN Lock Exceptions. ‘Advance Function’ Operation during PIN Lock. ‘Boost Function’ Operation during PIN Lock.
– Error Codes: 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 30 / 32 / 33 / 34 / 40 / 41 / 50 / 52 / 53 / 55 / 60 / 61
– Installation Instructions
– Preparation
– Installing the Heater: Suggested Fixings.
– Electrical Connections: Two Mains Supplies. Single Mains Supply. Single Peak Supply requirements.
– Building the Heater Core. Reassembly.
– Advanced Settings: Service Settings. Room Temp (Temperature) Off set. Secondary Heater Mode.
– Heater Lock: Set Lock. Lock Settings. Boost Lock. Advance Lock.
– Circuit Diagram
– Commissioning Checklist
– Battery Replacement
– Cleaning

– How does the heater control work?
– Set the time
– Set the temperature
– Set the timer mode
– Which timer mode is best for me?
– Advance
– Boost

– Front Screen
– User Info Screen
– History Screen 1 / History Screen 2 / History Screen 3 / History Screen 4 / History Screen 5 / History Screen 6 / Report Screen 1 / Report Screen 2 / Report Screen 3 / History Screen 7 / History Screen 8 / History Screen 9 / History Screen 10 / History Screen 11 / History Screen 12

This installation/operating manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation about the QM125RF Quantum RF HHR Storage Heater, including answers to the questions listed above. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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