DeWALT DXAEC80 Battery Charger / Jump Starter Instruction Manual

Download User Manual for DeWALT DXAEC80 DXAEC80CA Automotive 30A Bench Battery Charger with 80A Engine Start [79 pages 2016 pdf/zip]

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DeWALT DXAEC80 / DXAEC80CA 30A Bench Battery Charger with 80A Engine Start

The DXAEC80/DXAEC80CA 30A Bench Battery Charger with 80A Engine Start is a DeWALT 30A battery charger that features 80A engine start, alternator check, and battery reconditioning functions; a USB port and an AC power outlet.
The 80 Amp Bench Battery Charger packs an entire garage full of useful gear into a single bench battery charger. This charger features fully automatic 12V charging for marine and automotive batteries, immediately determining whether your battery needs a rapid bulk charge or a slow trickle charge to keep it topped off. It’s also got a patented 80 Amp Engine start to help get your vehicle back on the road fast. An alternator test function is also included to perform crucial diagnostics and a voltage meter to keep an eye on charging.

Read all instructions before operating product. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Save these instructions for future use.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL in English (EN), French (FR) and Spanish (ES) languages.
– Definitions: Safety Guidelines
– Important Safety Instructions
– Specific Safety Instructions for Power Cords
– Specific Safety Instructions for Battery Chargers
– Specific Safety Instructions for the USB Port
– Specific Safety Instructions for the AC Pass Through
– Front Panel Components. Back Panel Components.
– Control Panel
– LCD Screen
– Preparing to Charge. Charger location. Connecting the charger. Follow these steps when the battery is installed in a vehicle. Follow these steps when the battery has been removed from a vehicle.
– Single-Bank and Multi-Bank Mode Selection
– Charging the Battery. Single-Bank Battery Charging. Multi-Bank Battery Charging.
– Indications and Faults – All Charging Modes. LCD Screen Shows: Indication / Solution.
– Reconditioning the Battery
– Checking the Alternator: No Load / Under Load.
– Starting the Engine
– USB Port
– AC Pass Through
– DC Power Supply
– Care and Maintenance
– Cleaning and Storage
– Replacing the 120V AC pass through fuse
– Specifications

– Unit fails to turn on
– Unit fails to charge
– AC Pass Through will not power appliance
– USB Port will not power appliance
– The Bank 2 DC Cable Connectors will not power appliance