Crestron ST-IO Cresnet Expansion Input/Output Module Operations Guide

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This PDF Operations Guide is for the Crestron ST-IO Module.

Crestron ST-IO Cresnet Expansion Input/Output Module (with 8 Relays and 4 Analog/Digital Inputs)

The ST-IO is a Cresnet expansion module that provides eight low-voltage relay outputs and four digital/analog input ports. Typical applications include control of lighting, screens, drapes, and more. In “closure” mode, each input port will sense a contact closure signal from a door switch, motion sensor, etc., and can also accept analog 0-24 Volt DC signals when in “voltage” mode. The ST-IO may be used to provide a low-voltage control interface at a remote location, or may be rack mounted in the central equipment cabinet to expand the number of control system ports. Communication with the control system is via a single Cresnet connection.

(PDF) OPERATIONS GUIDE in English (EN) language.


– Features and Functions
– Specifications. Digital Input Specifications. Relay Output Specifications.
– Physical Description. Front and Back Views. Physical Views. Ports. Indicators.
– Industry Compliance

– Identity Code. All equipment and user interfaces within the network require a unique identity code (Net ID). How to set or change the Net ID.
– Digital Input Modes. All four digital inputs on the ST-IO are factory set in the closure mode. How to verify the current setting of each digital input. How to change digital inputs mode. Location of Jumpers on ST-IO PC Board.
– Hardware Hookup. Hookup Connections.

– Earliest Version Software Requirements for the PC
– Programming with SIMPL Windows. Sample SIMPL Windows program that includes an ST-IO. C2Net-Device Slot in Configuration Manager. How to incorporate an ST-IO into the system. Setting the Net ID in Device Settings. ST-IO Symbol in Programming Manager. Device Extenders. How to add a device extender.

Assuming a PC is properly connected to the entire system, Crestron programming software allows the programmer to upload programs and projects after their development to the system and network devices.
– Communication Settings. The procedure in this section provides details for RS-232 communication between the PC and the control system. If TCP/IP communication is preferred, consult the latest version of the Crestron e-Control Reference Guide (Doc. 6052) of the respective Operations Guide for the control system. Typical Connection Diagram when Uploading.
– Uploading a SIMPL Windows Program. How to upload via SIMPL Windows. Upload via Crestron Viewport.


Unexpected response from control system.
– Network devices are not communicating to the control system.

Green PWR LED does not illuminate.
– ST-IO is not receiving power.
– Incorrect power supply.

Yellow NET LED does not Illuminate.
– Improper Net ID.
– Loose network connection.

As Crestron improves functions, adds new features, and extends the capabilities of the ST-IO, additional information may be made available as manual updates. These updates are solely electronic and serve as intermediary supplements prior to the release of a complete technical documentation revision. Check the Crestron website periodically for manual update availability and its relevance.



This operations guide provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Crestron Electronics about the ST-IO Cresnet Expansion Module, including answers to the questions listed above. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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