Cressi King Dive Computer Instruction Manual

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This PDF instruction manual is for the Cressi King Dive Computer.

Cressi King Dive Computer

With a case diameter of only 48 mm and a high-contrast display of 35 mm, King is an extremely compact watch-computer specific for freediving. This innovative product boasts an algorithm developed in Cressi, which protects the freediver from the risk of Taravana, and a function that avoids the risk of pulmonary edema.

Read this instruction manual carefully, including the sections on safety rules. Make sure that you have fully understood the use, functions, and limits of your device before using it!

(PDF) INSTRUCTION MANUAL in English (EN) language.


– Main Specifications
– General Warnings And Safety Rules
– Introduction
– Computer Control
– How The King Computer-Watch Works
– Watch function
– Functions of the buttons
– UP Button
– DOWN Button
– Watchface
– Main Menu
– Chrono
– Timer (COUNTDOWN). Setting the Timer. Starting the Timer.
– Dual Timer (DUAL-T)
– Mode Set (MODE-S)
– Log
– Session Menu
– Dive Menu
– Dive-Set: Setting dive parameters. FREE
– Taravana protection level (TARAV.)
– NEPTO Algorithm and reducing the risk of Taravana
– Warm-up dives (BLOODSH)
– Surface time alarm (SURF-T)
– Depth alarm (DEPTH)
– Dive time alarm (DIVE-T)
– Depth interval alarm (STEP)
– Hydration alert (HYD)
– Water salinity setting (WATR)
– Setting the logbook sampling time (LOG.SAM)
– Time Set (TIME-S) correcting the time and date. Alarm clock setting. Date/time setting. Setting the second W (world) time.
– System – System Menu
– PC Link – PC/MAC Interface (USB)
– PC Link – Android/iOS Interface (Bluetooth)
– Units – Setting Metric/Imperial Units Of Measure
– History (HIST) – Dive History
– Info – Dive History Memory
– Tide (Indication Of Tide Level)
– Power Saver Mode (SLEEP)
– Pre-Dive (FREE)
– While Diving
– Surface/Postdive
– Use Of The Computer With Poor Visibility
– Care And Maintenance
– Battery Replacement. CR 2450.
– Warranty

This instruction manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Cressi Sub about the King Dive Computer. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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