Cressi EDY Dive Computer User’s Manual

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This is a User’s Manual for the EDY dive computer. It provides instructions on how to use the device and its various functions.

Cressi EDY / EDY II Dive Computer

The EDY Cressi-sub computer is a multifunctional instrument for sport diving. It will supply any wanted information on depth, dive times, decompression status, ascent rate and surface interval times between dives. Nitrogen absorption and release is continuously processed by its sophisticated software, taking into account the quantity of inert in the different utilized mixtures.

Read carefully the present handbook, including the safety measures paragraphs. Please be sure of perfectly understanding your instrument’s use, functions and limits before using it!

(PDF) USER’S MANUAL in English (EN), German (DE), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Portuguese (PT-BR) languages.


1.1. Main specifications
1.2. Safety measures
1.2.1. Definition of danger, warning and note
1.2.2. General recommendations and safety measures
1.3. Introduction

2.1. UFDS Display and controls
2.2. Clock function
2.2.1. Clock display
2.2.2. Time zone setting
2.2.3. Alarm clock (daily) and time signal setting
2.3. On surface, before diving
2.4. Parameters setting
2.4.1. DIVE program parameters setting
2.4.2. Dive planning (PLAN)
2.5. GAGE (or depth gauge/timer) program parameters setting
2.6. FREE (or apnoea) program parameters setting
2.7. Instrument general setting
2.7.1. Maximum depth alarm
2.7.2. Date and time adjustment
2.7.3. Units of measure setting

3.1. Air dive
3.2. Hyper-oxygenated mixtures dive
3.2.1. Before a hyper-oxygenated mixtures
3.3. Nitrox parameters setting
3.3.1. Partial pressure (PO2) setting
3.3.2. Nitrox mixture oxygen fraction (FO2) setting
3.3.3. CNS toxicity display
3.3.4. PO2 alarms
3.4. Curve dive (Non decompression Dive)
3.4.1. Ascent rate
3.4.2. Safety stop (STOP)
3.4.3. Decompression forewarning
3.5. Decompression dive (DECO)
3.5.1. Omitted decompression stage alarm
3.6. GAGE (or depth gauge/timer) program
3.6.1. Timer function starting
3.7. FREE (or apnoea) program
3.7.1. Surface interval (SURF) after apnoea / Apnoea historic memory (HIST)
3.7.2. Apnoea dives historic memory (HIST) reset

4.1.1. Surface interval after a DIVE program dive
4.1.2. Surface interval after a GAGE program dive
4.1.3. Surface interval after a FAEE program apnoea
4.2. Dives logbook LOG
4.2.1. DIVE program logbook
4.2.2. GAGE program logbook
4.2.3. FAEE program logbook
4.3. Dives historic memory HIST
4.3.1. DIVE program dives historic memory
4.3.2. GAGE program dives historic memory
4.3.3. FAEE program apnoeas historic memory
4.4. Dive profile PROF
4.5. Data PC transfer: compatible PC interface PC
4.6. Instrument reset

5.1. Battery replacement

6.1. No decompression limits by the first dive of a series
6.1.1. Tables


The overall purpose of this manual is to provide users with instructions and guidance on how to use the EDY dive computer and its various functions. The manual covers topics such as an introduction and safety measures, how to use the EDY Reset Utility, and how to install and run the utility on your computer. The manual is designed to help users ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

This user manual provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Cressi Sub about the EDY and EDY II Dive Computer. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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