Cressi Digi 2 Console User Manual

Download User Manual for Cressi Digi 2 Console (EN|DE|FR|ES|IT|PT-BR|ZH) 21 pages P90 rev_02 2019 pdf/zip

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Cressi Digi 2 Console

This is a sophisticated and complete device, designed in our Research and Development Department and manufactured in the Cressi Sub S.p.A. facilities in Italy to guarantee sporting and recreational divers the maximum efficiency and reliability in the measurement and display of the main parameters needed to conduct a dive in complete safety.

Cressi Sub S.p.A. recommends using the DIGI 2 console only after having read and understood this instruction manual.

USER MANUAL in English (EN), German (DE), French (FR), Spanish (ES), Italian (IT), Chinese (ZH) and Portuguese (PT-BR) languages.
– Important Recommendations
– Reading Information On The Screen
– Introduction And Main Features
– What the DIGI 2 console is not
– What the DIGI 2 console is
– How To Connect The Digi 2 Console
– How To Activate The Digi 2 Console
– Launch Sequence After Activation
– Surface Screen (Pre-Dive)
– Dive Screen
– Surface Screen (Post-Dive)
– Automatic Display Switch-Off
– Battery
– Changing The Battery
– “Smart Cover” Functions
– Changing The Unit Of Measure
– Changing Colored Protected Cover
– Maintaining The Digi 2 Console
– Technical Information
– Regulatory References
– Product Disposal