Continal Quantum 39001-TS Digital Thermostat Quick Start Guide

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This PDF user guide is for the Continal Quantum 39001-TS Digital Thermostat.

Continal 39001-TS Quantum Digital Thermostat

The Quantum digital thermostat is the thermostat of the future: stylish, modern and packed full of app-controlled features.
Easy to set up and control, this self-learning thermostat can be operated remotely via your smart device or manually through its intuitive interface.

(PDF) QUICK START GUIDE in English (EN) language.


1. Before you start. Wiring diagram. Sensor diagram.
– Wiring diagram for volt-free connection (e.g. boiler control)
– Wiring diagram for 230VAC
– Wiring diagram for control box connectionconnections

2. LCD icon description:
1. Menu / Settings description + Clock
2. AM / PM
3. Temperature unit
4. Heating indicator (animated when demand)
5. Cooling indicator (animated when demand)
6. RF connection indicator
7. Internet connection indicator
8. Occupancy sensor
9. Key lock function
10. Standby mode icon
11. Current temperature / setpoint temperature
12. Holiday mode
13. Temporary override mode
14. Settings icon
15. Status indicator
16. External / floor temperature sensor indicator
17. Schedule program number
18. Schedule mode icon
19. Day indicator / SET information
20. Current humidity value

3. Button description
– Menu button / return button
– “Down” button
– “Up” button
– “Ok / tick” button
– Press and hold “Up” and “Down” buttons together for 3 seconds to lock / unlock the thermostat keypad

4. Compatibility with other Continal devices.
The Quantum digital thermostat can work in online or offline mode. Mode selection is available on first use..

5. First power-up sequence

6. Installation in online mode

7. Full menu structure.
Admin settings:
– Temperature scale
– Display temperature resolution
– Heat control algorithm
– Cool control algorithm
– S1 / S2 input
– Minimum setpoint
– Maximum setpoint
– Valve protection
– Minimum turn-off time
– Optimisation feature
– Comfort warm floor
– Pin code
– Device information
– Factory reset
Schedule settings:
– Disable
– Single days
User settings:
– Time / date
– Holiday mode
– Thermostat calibration
– Show / hide display humidity
– Show / hide display floor
– Standby temperature setpoint
– Heat / cool
– Reset user settings

8. Operating Quantum digital thermostat:
– Setting temperature change (manual mode)
– Setting time / date
– Programming mode
– Holiday mode
– Display humidity
– Display floor temperature
– Reset user settings (back to default)

9. Short description of admin settings

10. Error codes: Error code / Display description / Error description / Troubleshooting.

11. Product compliance and safety

This quick start guide provides all the information (according to the table of contents) from Continal Quantum about the 39001-TS Digital Thermostat. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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