Cobra RAD 380 Radar/Laser Detector Owners Manual

Download User Manual for Cobra Electronics RAD 380 High Performance Radar/Laser Detector [14 pages Version A 2020 pdf/zip]

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The RAD 380 radar detector is the easiest way to drive smarter and safer. Experience best in-class range plus next gen IVT filtering technology, which smartly eliminates false alerts.
Get straightforward advanced notifications of all radar and laser threats and transform the way you drive.

This manual describes the simple steps for mounting and setting up your detector. It also provides helpful information about how radar and laser guns are used and how you can interpret the alerts you receive.

– Introduction
– RAD 380 Features
– Product Service And Support
– Your Device: What’s In The Box, Optional Accessories
– Controls And Connections: Buttons, Display
– Installation: Where To Mount Your Detector, Windshield Mounting, Dashboard Mounting
– Basic Operation: Powering On The Device, Adjusting Volume, Sensitivity Modes, Anti-Falsing Circuitry, Mute, Auto Mute, Display Brightness, VG-2 Alert Settings
– Radar Alert Settings
– Detection
– Responding To Alerts
– Understanding Radar And Laser: Radar Speed Monitoring Systems, VG-2, LIDAR (Laser)
– Maintenance
– Specifications
– Warranty
– Trademarks Acknowdlegement, Warnings, And Regulatory Information

Does weather have any effect on LIDAR?
Can LIDAR operate through glass?
Can LIDAR operate while in motion?
Is it legal for police to use LIDAR?
Download this manual to get answers.