Cisco DPC3939 DOCSIS Wireless Voice Gateway User Guide

Download User Manual for Cisco DPC3939 Comcast Xfinity DOCSIS 3.0 16×4 Wireless Residential Voice Gateway [80 pages OL-29163-01 2013 pdf/zip]

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The Cisco Model DPC3939 DOCSIS 3.0 16×4 Wireless Residential Voice Gateway (DPC3939) is an advanced, high-performance home gateway that combines Ethernet, Voice over IP (VoIP), router, and wireless access point technologies in a single device to provide a cost-effective voice and networking solution for Connected Home and Managed Home experiences.

This guide provides instructions and recommendations for placing, installing, configuring, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the Cisco Model DPC3939 DOCSIS 3.0 16×4 Wireless Residential Voice Gateway (DPC3939).

Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions.

– Important Safety Instructions
– United States FCC Compliance
– CE Compliance
– About This Guide
Chapter 1 Introducing the Residential Gateway:
– Introduction
– What’s In the Carton?
– Front Panel Description
– Top Panel Description
– Bottom Panel Description
– Back Panel Description
Chapter 2 Installing the Residential Gateway:
– Installation Preparations
– Install the Residential Gateway
– Install the Battery
– MoCA Installation Guidelines
Chapter 3 Configuring the Residential Gateway:
– Configure Wireless Settings
Chapter 4 Operation of Front Panel Indicators:
– Initial Power Up, Calibration, and Registration (AC Power applied)
– Normal Operations (AC Power Applied)
– Special Conditions
Chapter 5 Maintaining the Battery:
– Location of the Battery
– Battery Maintenance
Chapter 6 Troubleshooting the Residential Gateway:
– Frequently Asked Questions
– Common Troubleshooting Issues
– Tips for Improved Performance
Chapter 7 Customer Information

Cisco DPC3939 default address:
Cisco DPC3939 default username: admin
Cisco DPC3939 default password: password

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