Channel Master CM-7000 D2A ATSC Digital to Analog Converter Box User Manual

Download User Manual for Channel Master CM-7000 ATSC Digital to Analog Converter D2A Box [20 pages Pub CM.CM7000.MANUAL. 2010 pdf/zip]

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The CM-7000 digital to analog convert box is capable of receiving digital broadcasts via a TV antenna and displays them on an analog TV set. This converter box does not include analog pass through, so the use of an A/B switch or splitter is required to receive both digital and analog signals from one antenna.

The Channel Master by PCT CM-7000 is a high quality HD/SD (high definition/standard definition) digital ATSC to analog NTSC television converter box. Using the CM-7000 for direct terrestrial FTA HD reception allows users to view HD programs on SD TV sets.

Please take the time to follow this owner’s guide carefully. It will help you set up and operate your system properly, and enjoy all of its advanced features. Save your owner’s guide for future reference.

– Quick Set-Up Guide
– Digital TV Transition
– Introduction
– Features
– Specifications
– Connecting – Antenna
– CM-7000 to TV Using RF Coaxial Cable
– CM-7000 to VCR Using RF Coaxial Cable
– CM-7000 to TV Using RCA Cable
– CM-7000 to TV Using RCA Cable & S-Video Cable
– Analog Pass Through
– Audio/Video
– Menu Tree
– Remote Control
– Online Guide
– Channel Banner
– Information Banner
– Menu
– Menu – Channel Edit
– Channel Scan
– Re-Scanning for Digital Channels
– Set Up
– Set Up – Closed Caption
– Turn Closed Caption On/Off
– Set Up – Parental Control
– Quick Menu – Audio

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