BougeRV Flash300 286Wh Portable Power Station User Manual

Download User Manual for BougeRV Flash300 Fast Charging Portable Power Station 600W 286Wh Li(NiCoMn)O2 [20 pages 2022 pdf/zip]

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BougeRV Flash300 Fast Charging Portable Power Station | 600W 286Wh Li(NiCoMn)O2

The BougeRV Flash300 power station is designed with a maximum AC input of 600W, allowing you to charge the power station from 0%-90% in 0.5 hours.
The Flash300 Power Station can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. With a capacity of 286 watt-hours, the Flash300 Power Station provides enough power to run basic devices for hours and power small appliances in your home.
The Flash300 Fast charging power station has a built-in MPPT controller that supports up to 600W of solar input, a 12-45V voltage range, and a 25A maximum input current, so you can combine this fast charging station with other BougeRV solar panels to create a highly efficient solar generator to power your home.
Convenient for you to track the remaining charge/discharge time, battery capacity, and error messages, the LED display can be seen clearly in bright light and can be easily read in a dark environment, so you can fully grasp the energy storage situation without causing you anxiety about electricity usage.
Adopt high-quality BMS technology and control panel protection function to prevent your power station from over-charging, over-discharging, over-current, over-voltage, over-load, short-circuit, or over-heating, to protect your electrical safety.

– Warranty
– Tips
– Exclusions
– Product Safety Guidelines: Product Use; Product Charging; Product Storage; Product Maintenance; Travel Notice.
– Specifications
– Key Features
– Input/Output Ports
– Operating Instructions: Display Screen; ECO Function; Alarm Function.
– Smart Display
– AC Charging
– Car Charging
– PV Solar Charging. How to charge in series? Howto charge in parallel? How to charge in series-parallel?
– Faster Charging
– Recharge Time
– Running Time
– Package List

– FAQs:

Q: Can the FLASH-300 be charged while using?
A: Yes, the FLASH-300 allows pass-through charging BUT we don’t recommend you to do that which will bring damage to the battery.
Tips: Using appliances under 100% full battery, appliances will only use the AC and the capacity of the power station will not decrease.

Q: Why is the remaining usage time on the display inconsistent with the actual use?
A: Because the power of the appliance is in a dynamic fluctuation range, the software algorithm is calculated based on the real-time power, the actual use time will have a certain deviation from the display screen, this is a normal phenomenon.

Q: What should I do if I want to use the car cigarette port to charge the FLASH-300?
A: You can use the cigarette to Anderson adaptor we provide, and then insert the Anderson into the FLASH-300, around 135W Max.

Q: What kind of solar panel should I buy to charge the FLASH-300?
A: We recommend you to buy the BougeRV Portable Solar Panel to charge FLASH-300. If you want to know more specifications, you can search on Amazon using keywords: BougeRVSolar Panels.

Q: Where can I find any video about the operation and use of FLASH-300?
A: Search BougeRV on YOUTUBE, enter our official channel, and search for FLASH-300

Q: What matters should I pay attention to in daily use?
– Please keep FLASH-300 fully recharged at least once a month, 0%-100%. Please recharge the battery, when the capacity of the display is less than 20%.
– Ensure that the operating temperature of the FLASH-300 is within 0-40 degrees.
– The low and high temperatures will reduce the battery lifespan.
– Please ensure that the storage environment of the FLASH-300 is dry and keep it staying away from direct sunshine and flammable sources.

Error Code & Troubleshooting (Module Error Code Explanation Troubleshooting):
– E01: Overload Protection
– E02: Over-Temperature Protection
– E03: Over/Under-Voltage Protection
– E04: Short Circuit Protection
– E05: AC/Under-Voltage Protection
– P01: Over/Under-Voltage Protection
– P02: Overcur­rent Protec­tion
– P20: Overheating Protection
– C02: Overcur­rent Protec­tion
– C08: Overheating Protection

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