BlackBerry 8100 Smartphone RBE4xGW User Guide

Download User Manual for Research In Motion 8100 Model RBE4xGW Smartphone [242 pages SWDT29551-29551-07192006-001 2006 pdf/zip]

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BlackBerry 8100 Smartphone RBE4xGW
– BlackBerry basics: About typing input methods, Type text using SureType technology, Type text using multi-tap, Switch typing input methods, Switch applications, Assign an application to a Convenience key, Set owner information, Turn on standby mode, About links, Create a link for a PIN, Expand a folder, Collapse a folder, BlackBerry basics shortcuts, No application opens when I press a Convenience key
– Shortcuts: BlackBerry basics shortcuts, Phone shortcuts, Camera shortcuts, Message shortcuts, Typing shortcuts, Search shortcuts, Attachment shortcuts, Browser shortcuts, Media shortcuts, Map shortcuts, Calendar shortcuts
– Phone: Phone basics, Emergency calls, Volume, Voice dialing, Voice mail, Speed dial, Conference calls, Caller ID, Call logs, Call waiting, Call forwarding, Call blocking, Fixed dialing, Smart dialing, TTY support, Phone settings, Phone shortcuts, Phone troubleshooting
– Voice dialing: Make a call using a voice command, Dial an extension using a voice command, Use a headset, Check your phone number using a voice command, Check the wireless coverage level using a voice command, Check the battery power level using a voice command, Set the voice dialing language, Turn off choice lists for voice commands, Set the matching sensitivity level for voice commands, Turn off voice prompts, Set playback options for voice dialing, Improve voice recognition of numbers, Voice dialing troubleshooting
– Camera: Zoom in to or out from a subject, Take a picture, Set the default flash mode, Change the flash mode for a picture, Set a location for storing pictures, Set picture size, Set picture quality, Set white balance, View the number of remaining pictures, Set the amount of memory available for media files, Camera shortcuts, Camera troubleshooting
– Email messages: Email message basics, Email message folders, Sent messages, Email message filters, Email message forwarding, Message settings, Message list settings, Message shortcuts, Message troubleshooting
– PIN messages: PIN message basics, Sent messages, Message list settings, Message shortcuts, Message troubleshooting
– SMS text messages: SMS text message basics, Sent messages, Cell broadcasting, Message settings, Message list settings, Message shortcuts, Message troubleshooting
– MMS messages: MMS message basics, MMS message attachments, Message settings, Message list settings, Message shortcuts, Message troubleshooting
– Typing: Typing input methods, Typing basics, AutoText, Word list, Typing shortcuts, Typing troubleshooting
– Search: About search, Search for messages, Search criteria, View a list of saved searches, Change a saved search, Delete a saved search, Search for messages by contact or subject, Search for text in a message, attachment, web page, or memo, Search for organizer data and messages that contain specific information, Search shortcuts
– Attachments: Attachment basics, Document attachments, Spreadsheet attachments, Media attachments, Presentation attachments, vCard contact attachments, Attachment shortcuts, Attachment troubleshooting
– Synchronization: About synchronization, Wireless email reconciliation prerequisites, Reconcile email messages over the wireless network, Delete email messages over the wireless network, Wireless data synchronization prerequisites, Synchronize organizer data over the wireless network, About synchronization conflicts, Manage email reconciliation conflicts, Manage data synchronization conflicts, About backing up and restoring device data, Wireless data restoration prerequisites, Delete all device data, Empty the deleted items folder on your computer from your device, Synchronization troubleshooting
– Browser: Browser basics, Links, pictures, and web page addresses, Web page requests, Bookmarks, Web feeds, Browser settings, Browser security, Browser push, Browser shortcuts, Browser troubleshooting
– Applications: Add an application, View properties for an application, Delete a third-party application, View the size of an application database, Application troubleshooting
– Media: Media files and folders, Media file management, Videos and pictures, Music and ring tones, Media card settings, Media shortcuts, Media troubleshooting
– Maps: Map basics, Location bookmarks, Map shortcuts, Map troubleshooting
– Contacts: Contact basics, Mailing lists, Caller ID, Categories, Address lookup, SIM card phone book, Contact list settings, Contact troubleshooting
– Calendar: Calendar basics, Meetings, Calendar settings, Calendar shortcuts, Calendar troubleshooting
– Tasks: Task basics, Categories, Task list settings
– Memos: Memo basics, Categories, Memo list settings
– Alarm: About the alarm, Set the alarm, Silence the alarm, Turn off the alarm, Alarm troubleshooting
– Calculator: Use the calculator, Convert a measurement
– Bluetooth technology: Bluetooth technology basics, Bluetooth technology settings, Bluetooth technology troubleshooting
– Date and time: Set the date and time, Get the date and time from the wireless network automatically, Date and time troubleshooting
– Notification profiles: Notification basics, LED notification, Custom notification, Notification profile troubleshooting
– BlackBerry Messenger: Contacts, Conversations, Availability
– Display and keyboard: Backlighting, Display settings, Keyboard settings, Themes, Display troubleshooting
– Language: Set the display language, Add or delete a display language, About typing input languages, Set the typing input language, Turn off the shortcut for switching typing input languages, Switch typing input methods, Set the voice dialing language, Set display options for contacts, Language troubleshooting
– Wireless network coverage: Find information about wireless coverage indicators, Turn off the connection to the wireless network, Turn on wireless coverage notification, Check the wireless coverage level using a voice command, About the preferred wireless network list, Add a wireless network to the preferred wireless network list, Change the order of preferred wireless networks, Delete a wireless network from the preferred wireless network list, Turn off data service, About roaming, Switch wireless networks manually, Wireless network coverage troubleshooting
– Power and battery: Turn off your device, Set your device to turn on and turn off automatically, Check the battery power level, Check the battery power level using a voice command, Reset the device, Extend battery life
– SIM card: About the SIM card phone book, Load the SIM card phone book, Add a contact to your SIM card, Copy contacts from your SIM card to your address book, Change a SIM card contact, Delete a SIM card contact, Store SMS text messages on your SIM card, About SIM card security, Protect your SIM card with a PIN code, Change the SIM card PIN code
– Security: Security basics, Encryption, Password keeper, Advanced security, Smart cards, Security troubleshooting
– Third-party application control: About permissions for third-party applications, Reset connection permissions for third-party applications, About direct Internet connections for third-party applications, Set up a direct Internet connection for a third-party application, Set permissions for a third-party application, Third-party application connection permissions, Third-party application interaction permissions, Third-party application data permissions
– BrickBreaker: About BrickBreaker, BrickBreaker capsules, BrickBreaker scoring, Play BrickBreaker, Adjust the volume for BrickBreaker, Set the paddle speed, Submit a score to the BrickBreaker high score web site, Check the high scores on the BrickBreaker web site
– Service books: About service books, Accept a service book, Delete a service book
– Troubleshooting: BlackBerry Basics troubleshooting, Phone troubleshooting, Voice dialing troubleshooting, Camera troubleshooting, Message troubleshooting, Typing troubleshooting, Attachment troubleshooting, Synchronization troubleshooting, Browser troubleshooting, Media troubleshooting, Map troubleshooting, Contact troubleshooting, Calendar troubleshooting, Alarm troubleshooting, Bluetooth technology troubleshooting, Notification profile troubleshooting, Display troubleshooting, Language troubleshooting, Wireless network coverage troubleshooting, Security troubleshooting, Diagnostic reports
– Abbreviation list
– Legal notice

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