Beko DUT25401B Tall Tub Dishwasher Manual User Manual

Download Installation and User Manual for Beko DUT25401B Tall Tub Built-Under Dishwasher [48 pages 15 9855 01 00_AB_BEKO_D1_USA/ 14-06-18.(10:30) pdf/zip]

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Beko DUT25401B Tall Tub Built-Under Dishwasher, Black

The middle rack is height adjustable, so you can fit that oversized pasta pot on the bottom rack. No wasting gallons of water hand-washing it.
Every Beko dishwasher has a worry-free, stainless steel tub.
ProSmart Inverter Motor is twice as quiet as standard motors.

Read these instructions before installation and/or use.


1. Important safety instructions
2. Recycling
3. Getting to know your dishwasher
4. Loading the dishwasher. Upper rack (Standard Pattern). Lower rack (Standard Pattern). Upper rack (International Pattern). Lower rack (International Pattern). Upper cutlery basket (Select Models). Upper rack (Select Models). Lower rack (Select Models). Upper cutlery basket (Select Models).
4.1 Upper rack. Adjustable shelves. Collapsible upper basket wires. Upper basket multipurpose service rack. Adjusting the height of the upper basket. Height setting.
4.2 Lower rack. Collapsible lower basket tines. Silverware basket. Tray wash supports. Lower basket bottle wire. Softtouch accessory. Lower basket glass holder. Lower basket multipurpose / height adjustable service rack. Ceiling cutlery basket.
4.3 Proper and improper loading of dishware
5. What should not be washed in your dishwasher
6. Operating the product
6.1 Keys. On / Off key, Start / Pause / Cancel key, Program Selection keys, Delayed Start key.
6.2 Preparing the machine
6.3 Programme selection. Program Table.
6.4 Auxiliary functions. How to add auxiliary function to the programe. Half Load function / Super Rinse function / Fast Function / Floor illumination Illuminates to show program is still running / Sanitize Function / Interior Lighting (Changing the interior lighting setting) / Automatic Detergent Detection Feature.
6.4 Programming the washing time. Time Delay. Changing the settings while Time Delay function is enabled. How to cancel the Time Delay function.
6.5 Starting the programme
6.6 Child (Key) Lock. How to activate the Child Lock. How to deactivate the Child Lock.
6.7 Cancelling the programme
6.8 Salt indicator
6.9 Rinse Aid indicator. Adjusting the amount of rinse aid.
6.10 End of programme
6.11 Water cut-off warning
6.12 Overflowing warning. Innerclean.
7. Detergent
7.1 Adding detergent
7.2 Tablet detergents. When you switch to powder detergent from tablet detergent.
7.3 Rinse aid
8. Adjusting the water softening system. Water hardness level adjustment table.
9. Filling the dishwasher salt dispenser
10. Care and maintenance
10.1 Caring for your dishwasher exterior. Cleaning the control panel. Cleaning the colored doors. Cleaning the stainless steel doors. Cleaning the door gasket.
10.2 Caring for your dishwasher interior
10.3 Cleaning the filters
10.4 Cleaning the hose filter
10.5 Cleaning the wash arms. Lower wash arms. Upper wash arms.
11. Troubleshooting:
– Machine does not start
– Dishes are not washed clean
– Dishes are not dry at the end of cycle
– Stains remaining on dishes when cycle has completed
– Lime traces remain on dishes and glassware gains a misty appearance
– There is a different odor in the machine
– Rust, discoloration or surface deterioration occurs on dishes
– Detergent remains in detergent dispenser
– Decorations and ornaments on kitchen utensils are being erased
– Dishes are scratched
– A smear remains on glasses that resembles milk stain which can not be removed when wiped by hand. A bluish / rainbow appearance occurs when the glass is pointed to light
– Foam forms in the machine
– Kitchen utensils are broken
– Water remains in the dishwasher at the end of the program
12. Technical features
13. Warranty statement for the beko dishwashers


1. Important safety instructions
1.1 Inspect the dishwasher
2. Tools which may be needed
3. Materials which may be needed
4. Materials supplied
4.1 Parts supplied
4.2 Manual bag
4.3 Dishwasher parts bag 1
4.4 Dishwasher parts bag 2
4.5 Parts attached to the rear of the dishwasher
5. Dishwasher specifications
5.1 Technical features
6. Enclosure preparation
6.1 Electrical preparation
6.2 Preparation for installing mounting brackets
6.3 Adjusting height
6.4 Installing the side trim strips
6.5 Preparing the water connection (A)
6.6 Drain preparation
6.7 Steam protection foil
7. Placement of dishwasher into the opening
7.1 Drain hose connection, water supply & electrical connections
7.2 Readjusting foot levels
7.3 Adjusting the movable toe kick
7.4 Fixing the cabinet to the counter
7.5 Preparing the timber door
7.6 Preparing the product door
7.9 Installing the timber door
7.10 Fixing the timber door
7.11 Fixing the timber door
7.12 Adjusting the kick plate
7.13 Connection
8. Installer checklist
9. Self help hints

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