Beautiful 1.7L Programmable Temperature Kettle Instruction Manual

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This PDF instruction manual is for the Drew Barrymore Beautiful 1.7L Programmable Temperature Kettle.

Beautiful (by Drew Barrymore) 1.7-Liter (7 cup) Programmable Temperature Kettle with Touch-Activated Display

Boil 7 cups of water in under 7 minutes with the Beautiful(TM) 1.7L Programmable Temperature Kettle with Touch-Activated Display. Thoughtfully designed with sleek touch-activated illumination and our signature gold accents, the Beautiful Kettle is made for your kitchen and your lifestyle. Complete with 4 one-touch preset programs for white, green, oolong and black teas so every cup is brewed to perfection.
– Beautiful signature touch-activated display illuminates only when you need it. No dials, buttons or knobs
– Powerful 1500-watt system heats up quickly and boils 7 cups in under 7 minutes
– 4 one-touch preset programs and adjustable temperature settings ensure ideal temperatures for all kinds of tea: White 165°F, Green 175°F, Oolong/Coffee 195°F, Black/Boil 212°F
– One-touch boil button heats water to 212°F
– Audible indicator beeps when water has reached temperature
– Convenient 60-minute Keep Warm mode maintains water temperature
– Cordless kettle separates from 360° power base for handling and serving
– Auto shut-off and boil-dry protection enhance safety and ensure peace of mind

All users of this appliance must read and understand this instruction manual before operating or cleaning this appliance. Save these instructions.

(PDF) Instruction Manual (English) / Manual de instrucciones (Español)


– Important Safeguards
– Additional Important Safeguards
– Notes on the Plug: This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other).
– Notes on the Cord
– Plasticizer Warning
– Electric Power

– Getting To Know Your Programmable Temperature Kettle. Buttons and display description.
– Touch-Activated Display Control Panel. A screen that only shows up when you need it (The Power button and any TEA or BOIL button will illuminate when active and vanish when not in use). This variable temperature control can be programmed for precision water temperature.
– After water is heated to the programmed temperature, the Kettle will advance to WARM.
– How to heat water for brewing white tea?
– How to heat water for brewing green tea?
– How to heat water for brewing oolong tea?
– How to boil water quickly?
– How to increase or reduce heating temperature?
– WARM cycle maintains the Programmable Temperature Kettle’s programmed temperature WARM time defaults to 30 minutes
– How to stop any operation?
– What to do Before Using for the First Time. It is important.
– Operation. How to use Drew Barrymore Beautiful 1.7L Programmable Temperature Kettle?
– Boil-dry protection
– Beautiful Tea Chart. Follow this guide to achieve optimal flavor from different types of tea.
– How to change from ºF to ºC (degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius)? Press and hold + and – for 3 seconds.
– Boil-Dry Protection. How to reset the boil-dry protection?
– User Maintenance Instructions
– Care & Cleaning Instructions
– Descaling. How to clean the Kettle to remove scale when performance diminishes?
– Storing Instructions
– Warranty. Exclusions. How To Obtain Warranty Service?
– How to contact Customer service?

– Troubleshooting:

The Programmable Temperature Kettle will not begin to heat.
– Programmable Temperature Kettle has boiled dry. Boil-Dry Protection is activated.

Programmable Temperature Kettle’s performance has slowed
– Mineral, lime, calcium deposits have accumulated in the Programmable Temperature Kettle

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