Beautiful 1.5qt Ice Cream Maker Instruction Manual

Download Instruction Manual for Beautiful Kitchenware (by Drew Barrymore) 1.5qt Ice Cream Maker with Touch-Activated Display p/n: 19270, 19271, 19272, 19273, 19274 (EN|ES) 44 pages 2022 pdf/zip



Beautiful 1.5qt Ice Cream Maker with Touch-Activated Display
19270 White Icing | 19271 Black Sesame | 19272 Sage Green | 19273 Cornflower Blue |19274 Lavender

Homemade ice cream, sorbet, and gelato any way you like it. With the Beautiful(TM) 1.5qt Ice Cream Maker you can enjoy customized frozen treats in just 20 minutes. Equipped with a touchscreen display, three preset functions, and a digital countdown timer to make the process a breeze. Includes a flip-up lid to easily add any ingredients without splatter. Ice cream scoop included. Created by Drew Barrymore, Beautiful(TM) combines elegant design, contemporary colors and modern silhouettes for high-performance appliances that look beautiful on your kitchen counter.

All users of this appliance must read and understand this instruction manual before operating or cleaning this appliance. Save these instructions.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL in English (EN) and Spanish (ES) languages.

Instruction Manual / Manual de instrucciones


– Important Safeguards
– Additional Important Safeguards
– Notes on the Plug
– Notes on the Cord
– Plasticizer Warning
– Electric Power
– Overheat Safety Feature

– Getting To Know Your Ice Cream Maker
– Touchscreen Control
– Frozen Dessert Time Chart
– Before Using for the First Time
– Operating Instructions
– Manual Mode
– Gelato, Ice Cream or Sorbet Mode
– User Maintenance Instructions
– Care & Cleaning Instructions
– Storing Instructions

– Trouble Shooting:

Problem: The incorrect MODE was selected.
Press the START/PAUSE button to stop the stirring process. Press MODE until the desired dessert choice is illuminated.

Problem: The unit stopped running. Load is too heavy.
Press START/PAUSE and allow the Ice Cream Maker to cool down. Remove ingredients from the freezer bowl. Adjust recipe to thin mixture. Press START/PAUSE to finish churning.

Problem: Finished recipe is too thin.
Place freezer bowl back in the freezer. Adjust recipe, then continue to churn.

– Warranty. Exclusions.

– How To Obtain Warranty Service

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