BA1404 ROHM FM Stereo Transmitter Data Sheet

Download Datasheet for ROHM BA1404 / BA1404F monolithic FM Stereo Transmitter [5 pages 1989 pdf/zip]

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The BA1404 and BA1404F are monolithic FM stereo transmitters. The devices contain a stereo modulator, an FM modulator, and an RF amplifier.
The stereo modulator creates a stereo composite signal (which consistsof a main (R+L), sub (L-R), and pilot signals) from a 38 kHz quartz controlled frequency.
The FM modulator oscillates a carrier in the FM broadcast band (76 to 108 MHz) and modulates it with the composite signal.
The RF amplifier creates energy to emit the modulated FM signal. It also functions as a buffer for the FM modulator.

– Low-voltage, low-power design.
– Stereo modulator, FM modulator, and transmitter implemented on a single chip.
– Few external components required.
– High separation (45 dB typ.)

– FM stereo transmitters
– Wireless microphones

– Dimensions
– Block diagram
– BA1404 pinout
– Absolute Maximum Ratings
– Recommended Operating Conditions
– Electrical Characteristics
– Test circuit and application example
– Electrical Characteristic Curves
– Application diagram / PCB pattern

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