Asus Prime H510M-A Motherboard User Manual

Download User Manual for ASUSTeK Computer Prime H510M-A Motherboard Part No.: 90MB17C0-M0EAY0 [36 pages E17772 First Edition, January 2021 pdf/zip]

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This user guide contains the information you need when installing and configuring the motherboard.

This guide contains the following parts:

This chapter describes the features of the motherboard and the new technology it supports. It includes descriptions of the switches, jumpers, and connectors on the motherboard.
– Package contents
– PRIME H510M-A specifications summary
– Connectors with shared bandwidth
– 1.1 Before you proceed: Take note of the following precautions before you install motherboard components or change any motherboard settings.
– 1.2 Motherboard overview
– 1.2.1 Layout contents: CPU socket / DDR4 DIMM slots / Expansion slots / Fan headers / Power connectors / M.2 slot (Key M) / SATA 6Gb/s connectors / USB 3.2 Gen 1 header / USB 2.0 headers / Aura Addressable Gen 2 headers / AURA RGB headers / Clear CMOS header / COM Port header / Front panel audio header / S/PDIF Out header / Speaker header / SPI TPM header / 10-1 pin System Panel header
– 1.2.2 Rear panel connectors: PS/2 Mouse port (green) / Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) port / USB 3.2 Gen 1 (up to 5Gbps) ports / Ethernet port / Line In port (light blue) / Line Out port (lime) / PS/2 Keyboard port (purple) / HDMI port / DisplayPort / USB 2.0 ports / Microphone port (pink) / Audio 2, 4, 5.1 or 7.1-channel configuration
– 1.3 Central Processing Unit (CPU): Installing the CPU
– 1.4 System memory: Recommended memory configurations, Installing a DIMM / Removing a DIMM
– 1.5 M.2 Installation

This chapter tells how to boot into the BIOS, and upgrade BIOS using the EZ Flash Utility.
– 2.1 Knowing BIOS
– 2.2 BIOS Setup program: Entering BIOS at startup / Entering BIOS Setup after POST / BIOS menu screen
– 2.3 ASUS EZ Flash 3: The ASUS EZ Flash 3 feature allows you to update the BIOS without using an OS-based utility.
– 2.4 ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3: Recovering the BIOS

Step 1: Install the CPU
Step 2: Install the CPU fan
Step 3: Install memory modules
Step 4: Install storage devices. To install M.2 refer to user manual.
Step 5: Install expansion card(s)
Step 6: Install the system panel connector
Step 7: Install ATX power connectors
Step 8: Connect input/output devices
Step 9: Power on the system and install operating system and drivers

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