Apeks Pulse Dive Computer User’s Guide

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This PDF user guide is for the Apeks PULSE dive computer.

Apeks Pulse Nitrox Dive Computer

As with all diving equipment, it is important to understand the features and functions of the Pulse. Before using the computer, read this manual in its entirety. Contained within this manual are illustrations to aid you in understanding the computer.
Section 1 instructs you on how to navigate through the Pulse’s surface modes. Section 2 describes all the underwater displays and functions while diving with the Pulse. Lastly, Section 3 covers care & maintenance.
This manual will clearly and concisely instruct you on the use of the Pulse.

Read the manual in its entirety before attempting to use the Pulse computer.



Decompression sickness (aka, “the bends”) is an inherent risk of SCUBA diving. Even if you properly follow all the instructions in this manual, and dive within the recreational limits of SCUBA diving, you still run the risk of getting decompression sickness, or some other inherent risk of SCUBA diving. Unless you are fully aware of these risks and are willing to personally accept and assume responsibility for those risks, do not use the Pulse dive computer
The Pulse, or any other dive computer, does not actually monitor changes that occur in your body as you dive. Rather, it is performing calculations using algorithms developed by leading decompression experts and backed by years of research and thousands of dives. However, these algorithms cannot account for factors like dehydration, fatigue, obesity, or poor physical conditioning. Therefore, always leave a comfortable safety margin in respect to no-decompression time and ascent speed. The computer is designed to ASSIST you in making a dive, not to CONTROL your dive.


– The Push Buttons
– Mode Indicators
– Time Display Mode (pre-dive): Backlight, Low Battery Indicator
– Time Display Mode (post-dive)
– Wait-to-fly Guidelines
– Setting the Time, Date & 12/24 Hour Format
– Plan Mode/Plan Simulator: Plan Simulator
– Setting Alarms: Turning Alarms on and off, Alarm Clock Setting.
– Setting Dual Time
– Logbook Mode: Logbook Page 1, Logbook Page 2, Logbook Page 3.
– Profile Mode
– Transfer Data Mode
– Change Units of Measure

– Pre-Dive Checklist
– Automatic Activation: Testing the water contact
– No-decompression Dive Mode: Primary Display, Alternate Display 1, Alternate Display 2, Safety Stop.
– Decompression Dive Mode
– Summary of Warnings and Alarms: FO2 Warning, Fast Ascent Warning, PO2 Warning, Decompression Stop Violation Warning, Oxygen Bar Graph Warning, Out-of-Range Warning.
– Gage Mode: Primary display

– Care before the dive
– Care during the dive
– Care after the dive
– Changing the Battery

This user guide (as detailed in the table of contents) provides all the information from Apeks about the Pulse Nitrox Dive Computer. Reading this user guide completely will address most questions you might have about this dive computer. You can download and save it for offline use, including viewing it on your device or printing it for your convenience if you prefer a paper version.

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