Alinco DJ-CRX7 VHF/UHF FM Transceiver Instruction Manual

Download User Manual for Alinco DJ-CRX7 VHF/UHF FM Transceiver [70 pages A1.190918 PS0974/FNEM-NM 2019 pdf/zip]

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Alinco DJ-CRX7 VHF/UHF FM Transceiver

Please read this manual completely from the first page to the last, to learn all the functions the product offers. It is important to note that some of the operations may be explained in relation to information in other chapters. By reading just one part of the manual, you may risk not understanding the complete explanation of the function.

– Standard Accessories
– Battery Information: Charging Operation, Battery Charger Type, Notice for Charging Battery, How to Charge, How to Store the Battery
– Preparation: Installing/Removing the Battery, Installing/Removing the Antenna, Installing/Removing the Belt Clip, Installing Optional Microphones
– Getting Acquainted: LCD Display
– Basic Operations: Turn the Radio On & OFF, Adjusting Volume, Switch between Main band and Sub band, Switch between Channel mode and VFO mode, Channel Adjusting, Frequency Adjusting, Receiving, Transmitting, Side Key [PF1]/[PF2] Function, MONI Key Function, Edit Channel, Delete Channel, Programmed Scanning, Turn On/Off FM Radio, FM Channel Searching, CTCSS/DCS Setup, CTCSS/DCS Scan, Offset Frequency Direction Setup, Frequency/Channel Scan, Channel Scan Skip, Frequency Reverse, TX Power Selection, DTMF code Transmit and Enquiry, Keypad Lock, Stopwatch Function
– Function Menu Setup: Menu Shortcut Function, Factory Default Setting, CTCSS/DCS Encode Setup, CTCSS/DCS Decode Setup, CTCSS/DCS Encode / Decode Synchronous Setup, Add or Cancel DTMF Sgnaling, Signaling Combination, Frequency Step, Wide/ Narrow FM Mode, Frequency Reverse, Talk Around, Offset Frequency, Editing Channel Name, Busy Channel Lockout, Prohibits Transmitting, Scrambler Setup (Encryption), Voice Compander, Band Limit, Sub Band Display, Beep Sounds, Time-Out-Timer (TOT), Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)/(An optional earphone-microphone is necessary), Voice Operated Transmission (VOX) Delay Time, Automatic Power Off Time, DTMF Transmitting Time, Squelch Level, Scan Dwell Time, Function Icon Stay Time, LCD Backlight, LCD Backlight Color, Self ID inquiry, Tone Burst Frequency, Battery Save, FM Radio, PF1 and PF2 Key Function, Display Mode Setup, Resume Factory Default
– Auxiliary Functions: Cable Cloning, Cable Cloning Instruction
– Optional Accessories
– Recommended Installation Of Earphone Microphone
– Technical Specification
– Trouble Shooting Guide
– Attached Chart: CTCSS Frequency Chart, 1024 groups DCS Frequency Chart

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