AirLink101 ATVC101 ATSC Digital Converter Box User’s Manual

Download User Manual for AirLink101 ATVC101 ATSC Digital to Analog TV Converter Box [25 pages Ver. 1A 2008 pdf/zip]

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Airlink101 Digital to Analog TV Converter Box – ATVC101 – connects to your analog TV and allows it to receive and display over-the-air digital broadcasts. Other great features of this product include:
– Searching for broadcast channels 2 through 69 automatically
– Providing Electronic Program Guide (EPG) function with up to 7-day on-screen listing of TV programs information
– Supporting V-Chip, Parental Control feature to manage children’s television viewing by rating categories
– Working with your existing VHF/UHF or HDTV antenna to deliver better picture and sound quality
– Createing favorite channel lists which can be accessed using one-touch remote control
– Supporting 4:3, 16:9 and zoomed output
– EnergyStar compliant for energy saving

Instructions for installing and configuring this product can be found in this manual. Before you install and use this product, please read this manual carefully for proper operation of this product.

– Front and Rear Views
– Remote Control Button Descriptions
– Basic Connection: steps to connect your device. Outdoor Antenna Connection.
– Connection to the TV: RF AV Cable Connection, AV Cable Connection.
– Power Adapter Connection
– Installation Guide
– Basic Operation (non Menu mode)
– Menus
– Specifications