Sony Dream Machine

The Sony Dream Machine was a long-running line of clock radios from Sony Electronics.
Models ranged from basic AM/FM models to more expensive models including iPod/iPhone docking, a LCD screen, projectors, and internet connectivity.
The line was started in the early 1960s and ran until the early 2010’s.
[Source: Wikipedia]

The Sony Dream Machine was known for its innovative features and stylish design. It was a versatile product that could be used as a clock radio, a nightlight, and a sound machine.

Known models:

  • 8FC-59W
  • ICF-C10W
  • ICF-C218
  • ICF-C2W
  • ICF-C303
  • ICF-C317
  • ICF-C318
  • ICF-C390
  • ICF-C3W
  • ICF-C414
  • ICF-C470
  • ICF-C492
  • ICF-C717PJ
  • ICF-C7iP
  • ICF-CD3iP
  • ICF-CD853
  • ICF-CL75iP
  • ICF-CS650

USER MANUALS for Sony Dream Machine clock radios