Innova Electronics

Innova Electronics, Corp. and its INNOVA brand of automotive diagnostic equipment were launched in 1990, a time when OBD2 technology had not yet been standardized in vehicles. Innova Electronics, established by Equus Products, aimed to provide automotive OEMs, technicians, and consumers with innovative tools and services for diagnosing computerized vehicles. Innova takes pride in developing products from scratch to address unmet needs in the automotive marketplace.

One of Innova’s significant achievements came in the mid-1990s when they adapted their expertise in ignition system technology to develop timing lights and the DIS Tester for distributorless ignition systems. This expertise led to collaborations with SMP and Dana, resulting in the creation of the first in-store tester to identify failures in ignition modules and reduce costly returns.

In 1996, Innova became the first automotive aftermarket manufacturer to require its product development and support technicians to earn their Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications. The company currently employs around 30 ASE + Master Techs who manage a network of factory-trained technicians across North America, supporting INNOVA products and services.

A notable milestone in Innova’s history was the development of its on-board diagnostic tools and database. With the standardization of OBD2 by the U.S. government in 1996, Innova leveraged this technology to efficiently solve “check engine” problems and enhance communication between consumers and mechanics. In 2001, Innova launched the INNOVA 3100 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool, designed for speed, ease of use, and featuring a patented single-screen display.

Over the past 15 years, Innova’s nationwide network of factory-trained technicians has developed the RepairSolutions database, providing accurate repair information for a wide range of vehicles. The database goes beyond mere code and definition, utilizing VIN#-specific information to pinpoint the most precise repair details, including parts cost, labor time, and instructional videos. Recently, RepairSolutions introduced predictive diagnostics to help customers make informed decisions about future repairs.


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