Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries is a manufacturer of irrigation and outdoor lighting equipment for the landscaping, residential, commercial, agricultural, and golf course industries, based in California.
Hunter Industries also offers sanitary dispensing products such as automatic paper towel and soap dispensers.
Hunter produces pop-up gear-driven rotors, spray sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controllers, and weather sensors.

The company was founded in 1981 by Edwin J. Hunter and Paul M. Hunter, to produce a compact landscape sprinkler called the “PGP” (an acronym meaning “professional gear-driven pop-up”), the first sprinkler to utilize “matched-precipitation” regardless of the radii or arc.
The company’s irrigation and landscape lighting products are used in a wide array of locations including sports stadiums, national landmarks, hotels, and city parks.

One of the notable features of Hunter Industries’ products is their focus on advanced technologies and smart irrigation systems. They offer products with features such as weather-based sensors, wireless connectivity, and programmable controllers that allow users to optimize their irrigation schedules based on local weather conditions and plant water needs.

Hunter industries has several corporate brands offering products for specific needs:

  • Hunter Brand – Residential, commercial and golf irrigation
  • Senninger – Agricultural and mining irrigation
  • FX Luminaire – Landscape and architectural lighting products for consumers, with a focus on LED lighting
  • Holm – Landscape and architectural lighting products for commercial and industrial use
  • Lumascape – Custom exterior architectural, landscape and underwater lighting
  • Dispensing Dynamics – Dispensers for towel, tissue, wiper, napkin, soap and air care products
  • Hunter Custom Manufacturing – molding and manufacturing services for customers

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