High-Flying Electronics Technology

Shanghai High-Flying Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, found in 2011 by leading experts, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in wireless communication domain and designs, develops, manufacture, markets and sells high quality, robust embedded Wi-Fi modules, IOT device and provide total IOT solution (Cloud Servers and APP) to customer. High-Flying raises hundreds millions of series A-Round investment from Baidu in 2014.

Company vision: We believe 21st century technological revolution belongs to the Internet of things, It brings business opportunities far more than any previous technological revolution, It will change the way of people explore, interact and the experience to physical world, And will create trillions of value to enterprises and consumers! Hi-Flying Technology determined to become “dream factory” to help enterprises and IOT products transform.

IOTWORKSHOP is a brand of high flying for industry product line. [Source: hi-flying.com]