EDISION was founded in Germany. The objective was production and sale of satellite television systems to a network of wholesale suppliers as well as in retail shops in the German market.
Despite being new in the market, EDISION presents the first satellite receiver under its own brand name along with a full range of products such as LNBs, Coaxial and A/V cables, Multiswitches, Modules, etc.

EDISION Hellas Ltd is founded in Greece. Focused solely on wholesale supply of EDISION and EMME ESSE brand name products to the Greek and the Global Market.

Today company creates value in the fields of TV signal systems, from reception to the Set-Top-Box, in Digital Terrestrial and Satellite TV signal. We design, develop, manufacture, supply and support a vast range of DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and Ε2-LINUX Edision Set-Top-Boxes, by utilizing the commitment of our people and their expert knowledge.

The core values of our company reflect the values of its people and consist of:
– Modern and high-end quality in our products and services
– Technological know-how, investment in pioneering materials and systems
– Integrity, in every aspect of commercial relationship and communication, with customers and suppliers
– Commitment, for life-long learning, development & improvement