Aluratek was founded in 2006 by a group of industry veterans that are absolutely fascinated with technology. With its corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, Aluratek has grown and expanded into a leading global technology company. “Allure” as a noun, means exciting, fascinating, attractive, and/or appealing. Adding “tek” (technology) to the equation you can see where the name and ideology derived from and what Aluratek aims to deliver moving forward. Simply put, the goal of Aluratek is to produce and create alluring products that are in fact fascinating, attractive and appealing to the technology consumer market.

Aluratek initially launched with a strong offering of digital photo frames. This continues to be a focus category for the company and we will continue to deliver digital photo frames allowing you to bring the digital photos sitting on your computer’s hard drive back into your everyday life. Aluratek’s digital photo frames have evolved into cost effective digital signage solutions and we will continue to build upon this product category.

Beyond digital photo frames, Aluratek has expanded its product mix to over 100 product solutions catering to the current smartphone and tablet craze that is underway. Utilizing the latest in Bluetooth wireless technology you will find a plethora of products that will enhance your everyday life. Of course you will need to power these devices so Aluratek has invested into producing a full line of mobile power and USB charging accessories. Aluratek believes that your investments should be protected and therefore has developed a full line of smartphone and tablet accessories.
[Source: Aluratek LinkedIn]

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